“Teen Queen” Kathryn Bernardo is the New OraCare Brand Ambassador

OraCare has chosen the Teen Queen, Kathryn Bernardo as the newest face that would represent the brand. OraCare Mouthrince is the first No Alcohol, No Sting , No Color mouthwash launched in the Philippines.

OraCare’s newest campaign is this: “It’s Real Good for Me.” And while Kathryn has been real good in her craft, with many shows and commercials trusted to her, OraCare is personally a “real good” for the young actress.

According to her, OraCare may be the mouthwash for this generation because it’s convenient to use, no hassle, no sting yet effective, and it’s modern and trendy. Just fit for the generations of today.

Aside from OraCare, among the eight real good things for the Teen Queen are the following:

  1. Good Book – Books by Nicholas Sparks, especially the book “The Last Song”
  2. Good Food – Pizza and Chicken
  3. Good Workout – Core exercise
  4. Good Animals – Dogs
  5. Good Music – Jack Johnson’s music
  6. Good Place – Los Angeles
  7. Good Role Model – Her mom
  8. Good Mouthwash – OraCare (of course!)

“OraCare is my choice because it boosts my confidence, allowing me to be the best that I can be. It’s real good for me!” Kathryn said.

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