Tease your brain a little with your classic Games! is one of my newest discoveries.

Now that we’re all a little older, I’ve found myself becoming increasingly fascinated in gameshows on social media platforms like Facebook Watch and YouTube that tease my older self. Most of those are typically called to as “Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?” “, and because the question is so intriguing, I would find myself repeatedly browsing through these channels just to silently answer 5th grader questions on my mind!”

I guess it’s either one of two things: I would want to prove to myself that I am smarter than a fifth grader, or I just can’t stand not knowing the answer to a question that the game show insists I should have known because I am obviously older than a fifth grader, haha.

Most of the most interesting questions are related to physics, music, and logic, but the math ones are the most captivating. I think that’s another reason why I continue to watch these videos—seeing how the contenders can’t even correctly answer issues using multiplication—makes me feel smarter than they are. But because I was wanting more, I looked online for brainteasers and came across this website. The website is called, and it offers games in as well as free calculators for calculating savings, loans, debts, and other things.

Its interface is actually very engaging thanks to its modern and simple appearance. When you click on the Math Games, there’s a LOT of games that caters to whatever mathematical operation you want.

Math Games on

I really loved how you can easily pick a math game by viewing their thumbnails so you could easily know what kind of game you’re playing. I’ve tried some of their math games like the Math Boy and SinalGame, and I can say that Math Boy is a lot more challenging than the SinalGame. Math Boy had a much more engaging interface and time limit that will really get your brain working, while the SinalGame was a bit slow and boring.

But I’m not here to talk about their Math Games; I’m here to talk about a hidden gem on their website: Board Games! By clicking the Games tab in the top section of’s homepage, I returned there and realized that they also offer board games.

And, as the resident board game nerd at all high school parties, I had to indulge my inner child in those as well. You must have missed playing board games like chess, backgammon, and minesweeper on your old computers! And because I’ve missed that as well, finding the website’s board games section was like taking a trip down memory lane.

Board Games on

In the game, you can select your character first, then test the computer’s ability to guess who you selected by responding to questions about your character with a yes or no. I’ll admit that it was a little confusing at first, but I finally understood its strategies and even WON!

The Chess Master, which had a mind boggling 10 stars on the difficulty scale, was another board game that caught my attention on this website. I tried the game because I like to challenge people, and boy was I in for a tough ride. I had only been playing for two minutes when I began to feel the game’s difficulty. Even though it was challenging, it was a beginner-friendly game of chess because each piece would indicate where you could move it.

This made me feel nostalgic because I used to play chess on my dad’s computer when I was younger. It also indicates potential locations for your next placement of the pieces. Since I was too lazy to learn the game’s rules as a result, I’ve been dependent on that computer chess game! Hahaha.

I couldn’t finish all the board games on the website, but I will most definitely try other games like Simon Says, Reversi, Nine Men’s Morris, and Minesweeper—all of those with a higher difficulty rating, of course! Haha!

It’s nice to return to classic board games and math games to stretch your brain a little, and who would’ve guessed that a site called would have it all, right?

You can click on the links below to visit these websites if you’d like to tease your brains a little:

Math Games:

Board Games:

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