TDCX Promotes a Happier Workplace Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s business as usual for the Philippines’ business process outsourcing (BPO) industry even at the height of a global pandemic — with international clients at stake, the industry soldiered on and nimbly transitioned to a work-from-home setup even in the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Award-winning BPO company TDCX was ahead of the curve by including mental health in the workplace as part of its priorities via its #BeHappier program. It addresses the challenges of employee wellbeing that go beyond physical health, and how tackling these with preventive measures and a supportive work environment contribute to higher productivity and quality output — thereby making it a win-win situation for both the employer and its employees.

“People are facing uncertain times with the fear of catching disease and losing their jobs,” said TDCX Learning and Development Director Wency Guerrero. “Everyone’s mental state is vulnerable and it can affect performance, which is why mental health is critical more

than ever.” Wency mentioned that one of the challenges the company initially faced is ensuring that everyone is still engaged, connected, and easily reachable, especially with the new virtual setup.

With TDCX’s proven track record in the BPO industry, its #BeHappier program was a timely initiative in managing the adjustment period its employees had to go through to navigate the new normal. When asked what the impetus was to launch the effort, TDCX Marketing Director Javier Chulvi stated that “As a premium BPO that focuses on people, we wanted to transmit how we aim to improve as much as possible the wellbeing of our employees at every level: from above-average compensation, good perks, better workspaces, career acceleration programs, and of course a very healthy and positive culture.”

The company’s Well-Being Webtalk Series is one example of how it kept its employees engaged during unprecedented times, and to promote the healthy and positive work culture that the BPO is advocating for. Led by a team of credible resource speakers from the company’s healthcare provider Intellicare, Employee Engagement Champion Drei Peñaflor outlined some of the topics that were covered: “The platform provides an insightful discussion on powerful communication techniques, common psychiatric conditions in the workspace, resilience in a time of crisis, and stress management.”

Client Solutions Manager Hazel Zaragoza found these talks helpful. “Ever since the lockdown in March started, until now, I’ve been working from home and it has been very challenging for me since the environment at home is different from that in the office. I found myself working

longer hours since I am just at home and being the workaholic that I am, I found myself glued to my laptop trying to search for prospects and answering emails even during non-working hours.”

Hazel took to heart her learnings from the Well-Being Webtalk Series to create that work-life balance she needed more than ever now that she’s working from home. “I believe stress management was a very good topic, since [the doctor] helped us identify its causes and provided suggestions on how to address them. It was a very interactive discussion which also helped us reflect on ourselves and identify what our feelings and stress levels are.”

Tangible solutions were also given to the employees, with Hazel citing breathing exercises as a way to help calm them down during stressful situations. “Most of us are experiencing different kinds of stress right now, and I’m sure we should be able to handle them properly moving forward, after participating in that talk” she added.

Learning and Development Trainer Daniel Plew pointed out rapid reskilling, such as adapting to unfamiliar technology and new training strategies, as some of the challenges he encountered since work became virtual. “This also goes hand-in-hand with working alongside my peers with triple communication efforts to make sure that projects are done efficiently and effectively.”

To manage the effects of these newfound tasks and uncharted territory, Daniel was grateful for the yoga and exercise sessions that came with the program. “These helped me release tension and stress — such a great way to induce endorphins. The wellness talks were a reminder that we don’t need to spend a lot of money to keep ourselves safe, sane, and healthy. A simple dance, laughter with friends, and a good choice of diet will often get you healthy results!”

To ensure the sustainability and longevity of the program, Employee Engagement Champion Drei Peñaflor said “We’re looking for viable and efficient ways on how we can consistently implement such activities in the long run. As ambassadors of this organization, we must ensure that no matter how uncertain the new normal or any situation may seem, we should continue providing new and innovative ideas to make our employees engaged, to enable them to #BeHappier.”

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