#TatagalKaBa with the CLEAR All-Day Unstoppable Challenge?

Watch all four episodes with Donny Pangilinan, Gerick Manalo, Oscar “Sumpak” Romero, and Vince Velasco now!

Keeping one’s hair cool and dandruff-free can be tricky, especially when going against heat, dirt, and wax build-up.

But when everyday elements are going against your style, all you need to do is #MakeTheClearUpgrade to make sure you can be unstoppable whatever comes your way. That’s exactly what actor Donny Pangilinan, chef Gerick Manalo, Gamer Oscar “Sumpak” Romero, and Fitness Trainer Vince Velasco did when they took on the CLEAR All-Day Unstoppable Challenge that asks them #TatagalKaBa?

In partnership with, CLEAR tapped these undeterred gentlemen to take on challenging tasks, but not before reading what online haters have to say about them.

For the first episode, netizens criticized the culinary heartthrob for relying too much on his good looks. Gerick reads the tweets saying, “Puro paporma lang ‘to si Gerick! Nakakainis,” and “Sa kapal ng wax, pwede ka nang magprito sa ulo niya! SOBRANG GREASY!”

Not one to avoid heat when the iron is hot, the chef shows that he could actually maintain all-day coolness with the help of CLEAR Men Shampoo.

Watch Gerick deliver a different flavor here:

Gamer Oscar Romero or more well known as Sumpak, was also not taking the mean tweets lightly, “Magaling lang sa ML pero nasa labas ang totoong BATTLE ng mga POGI, buddy!!” reads one tweet.

Always up to win, Sumpak puts on his sports gear and heads out to the field to show he can play outside the digital arena in the second episode.

Check out Sumpak deliver his gaming smarts away from the keyboard:

When it comes to maintaining his physique, Vince Velasco surely knows every route. But in the third episode, he reads a mean tweet that cuts deep: “Ang laki nga ng katawan pero ano ambag niyan??? Panloob lang,” the fitness trainer reads.

Having a mindset to go beyond empowers Vince to face the mean streets. No private transportation? No worries! Watch how Vince manages to stretch 50 Pesos to get to his goal:

Of course, the newest CLEAR ambassador, Donny Pangilinan has his share of critics: “Mapapabilib sana ako kay Donny kaya lang puro ARTISTA pala kalaban…” says one mean tweet.

With a competitive spirit to score points and dominate the court, Donny is taking it cool but not backing down from a challenge to go head-to-head with Ateneo Blue Eagle, Dave Ildefonso. Check out how Donny attempts to beat the UAAP star in the finale:

Watch all episodes of the All-Day Unstoppable Challenge series now and see how cool and dandruff-free hair can help every man be an unstoppable force, whatever comes his way!

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