Taiwan ushers in the future of ‘smart healthcare’

Imagine hospital beds so intuitive that they can track both a patient’s vital signs and sleeping patterns? What about robot-assisted surgery when the doctor and patient are miles apart? These scenes may soon be reality as the automation technology is gradually revolutionizing healthcare through to the era of ‘smart healthcare’.

The concept of smart healthcare diverges from traditional approaches to healthcare; instituting intelligent and intuitive systems that improve the quality of patient care. This approach has influenced the gamut of pharmaceutical products, medical equipment, and health and wellness products, as they integrate with each other to create a holistic system that is predictive, preventative, personalized, and participatory.

Taiwan and its superior technology is leading the world toward this new frontier. Consistently ranked as the top knowledge economy in Asia, its biomedical sector has been identified as one of the industry pillars  for national development. In recent years, the value of Taiwan’s biomedical industry significantly increased to a booming US$16.2 billion. Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen considers the country as a forerunner in medical innovation due to three factors: top-tier medical technology, robust supply chains, and a burgeoning biotechnology industry.

Taiwan’s domain leadership has been cemented by effectively fostering a supportive and collaborative ecosystem where academic, private, and public institutions work together to create products that contribute to smart healthcare.


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