Tagaytay Highlands Moving at Fast Page Towards Pledge 1M Trees

Last Saturday, May 23, Tagaytay Highlands Golf and Country Club planted one hundred forty forest and fruit bearing seedlings as part of the planned additional three hundred forty trees within 2015.

The ceremony led by the corporate executives, employees and volunteers of Tagaytay Highlands International Golf Club, Inc., Highlands Prime, Inc., and Belle Corporation, supported by the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB). The said tree planting program “One Tree at a Time” joined by representatives from the German and Singaporean Embassies and guests.

“Mother Earth is our main and most important partner in providing our clients with unparalleled mountain resort living experience, through this project, we show our outmost dedication in preserving our true foundation,” explained Willy Ocier, the founder of Tagaytay Highlands and acting Vice Chairman of Belle Corporation.

The said advocacy started in 2002 after Ocier’s oath to plant 1M trees by 2050. The activity is part of environmental events under the “Green Project 2015” in celebration of Earth Day and International Biodiversity Day initiated by the aforementioned corporations.

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There are 485,000 or almost half a million trees within the 1,300-hectare terrains of the Highlands were already planted during the span of a decade.

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“This tree planting activity is Highlands’ simple way in creating and maintaining a greener world,” said Claire Kramer, Tagaytay Highlands General Manager. She added, “We are here to make a difference, this is us changing, protecting and helping the world one tree at a time.”

Meanwhile, Tagaytay Highland’s agreement with ACB was renewed and also marking the six years of their partnership.

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“We have an ongoing memorandum of understanding with Tagaytay Highlands and we have been doing this to raise public awareness on the importance of biodiversity and ecosystem services,” ACB’s Programs Director Clarissa Arida said.

Ocier hopes to inspire people to follow what they do in protecting the environment through preserving the Flora and Fauna. He added , “If you’re doing planting for commercial purpose, don’t do it.”

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