Tacloban City, beautiful city in the Philippines, happiest people in the world

You’ll like Tacloban City, you’ll love the people.

Many people once lost hope to this former developed city but the sweet smiles and the lovely faces of the residents in Tacloban City still remained strong five years after the unforgettable disastrous typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan).

Tacloban City wants to boast that after all the nightmare it experienced, it is still the most beautiful city in the Philippines.

Aside from rebuilding and reconstruction of buildings and roads, Tacloban City has a lot of new store for the tourists to enjoy, places to visit and lots of activities to do.

Locals here want to encourage and inform every individual on the earth that staying for a short time here is not adviseable for Tacloban City is a heavenly place like no other.

Destinations and some reasons why you should come to Tacloban City for a thousand times:

  • San Juanico Bridge
    – A popular and famous landmark that is also being studied in our elementary school. It is the longest bridge in the Philippines and is believed to be made of love because the former Ferdinand Marcos was the one to initiate in constructing this for his wife, Imelda Romualdez-Marcos, who is a native of Tacloban City.
  • Anibong Memorial Shipwreck
    – A fun place to see while increasing your knowledge by learning the history of Tacloban City.
  • Balugo falls
    – A quiet walking nature. Going there was quite a journey but the one you’ll meet on your way, make it a journey within yourself.
  • Mouthwatering Delicacies
    – Sagmani, Moron and Binagol are a must delicacies to take a bite and pleasure your tastebuds, it can be found at Zamora street.
  • Sangyaw Festival
    – Tourists will surely be entertained by the festival of lights and colorful costumes on this festival.

Aside from the mentioned destinations, Tacloban City is also very proud of its newly built restaurants and hotels, convention centers, recreational facilities, shopping centers and other establishments.

The new look of Tacloban City is a must see to every living thing, it is a city that will make you dream again and make you shout for joy.

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