Suicide Experiment Reveals That Strangers May Care

We have been so long living in this “me generation” where everything is named with “I” — iPhone, iPad, iPod — not to mention the “self” flooding with the great amount of selfies all over the web. Despite all of these, the value of one’s self and one’s life is being less of a concern basing solely on the rate of suicide all over the world.

According to statistics, there is one death by suicide in the world every 40 seconds. Imagine the gravity pulling every suicide attempts to succession just because life is tough or they can’t handle it anymore.

A social experiment by FouseyTube was posted on YouTube where the two men, on different places, rode a cab. After riding the cab, they installed video cameras on the back window of the vehicle and interacted with the cab drivers when they were asked about their days.

The guys who are doing the experiment told the cab drivers that all ain’t doing well for them. They asked the drivers to stop, by the side of a bridge, and acted as to attempt suicide.

The cab drivers showed genuine concern for the experiment “actors” and told them many reasons to continue to live despite the hard and rough life they are going through.

This experiment goes only to show that despite the many things today that can make us happy, when they are gone, the only ones left for us are the people who care. Ironically, these people make come in a form of a stranger you just met and talked to.

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