Story of a Road Less Travelled: Solar Roadways and Parking Lots (Or a Road Just Travelled, More Likely!)

With the advancement of technology today, now more than ever, almost anything is possible in the hands of a human with a brilliant mind. Everything can be made by a human hand. New inventions and innovations does not really impress us anymore, having a plenty of them now. What impresses us are those innovations that are really benefiting the majority, and that are saving the world!

A couple has just innovated a new technology that are benefiting to the world and all who live in it. Have you ever thought of roads made of solar panels encased with tempered glass? They just did that, and it was an awesome project.

What does it look like? How does it work? Check out the checklist below:

  • Harvest solar energy as a railroad
  • Theft proof; designed in a way to resemble a honey comb puzzle so that when one part is damaged it can easily be removed and replaced with compromising the others
  • designed to light up whatever is programmed for it to do like the lanes on a highway or the division on a parking spot
  • pressure sensitive so that at night, whenever something alive steps on it, it lights that one part up making that creature or person more visible at night

Intrigued? Watch the video below to see this awesomely genius innovation! It’s coming its way to America. Can Philippines implement this?

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