Starcart ‘Kiosk-On-Wheels’ Rolls Out

Star Telecom Alliance, Resources, Inc. (STAR, Inc.), parent company of mobile brand Starmobile, has officially deployed its first StarCart, an innovative ‘Kiosk-On-Wheels’ (KoW) which functions both as a demo and point-of-sale booth debuted in Brgy. Commonwealth, Quezon City.

“We are proud to have pioneered yet another retail innovation,” said Starmobile Chief Operating Officer Michael Chen. “Since late last year, we have actively thought of ways to bring our products closer to more Filipinos and StarCart will complement our existing efforts quite nicely.”

Chen refers to STAR, Inc.’s bold move of making its devices available in sari-sari stores and loading stations in Q4 2017. With the company’s strong ties with regional load retailers, STAR, Inc. is fast establishing the new approach as a viable business model especially with the influx of foreign brands.

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