Spending Cashless Christmas with Family

Christmas is my favorite holiday. It’s one of the very few times every year when our extended family gets to gather in our hometown to go to the Dec. 24th midnight mass together, have noche buena and exchange gifts.

It has become tradition, too, to pool together funds for the big dinner, which the family really prepares for. And as breadwinner of my side of the family, I’m the one tasked to give our share.

Last year I found a way to send cash home easily: GCash. The mobile wallet has truly changed the way I handle my money, from paying bills to settling my online shopping dues. And I was even more elated that GCash also has a bank transfer feature. No charges, no lines, no delay.

Since then I’ve been using GCash’s Send Money feature to send cash to my mom. And last Christmas, I used the same feature to send my share for our family’s holiday dinner.

I earlier linked my own bank account to the GCash app, and so I use that to cash in for my fund transfer. After doing so, I go to the Send Money to Bank Account, then choose my mother’s bank. GCash has more than 40 banks and financial institutions where users may transfer money, including the major ones. So I’ve no doubt that for your bank transfer needs, you’d find your recipient’s bank there.

One of the great things about GCash’s bank transfer feature is I get to avoid the traffic on the commute to my branch. It simply takes too much time, especially with the holiday rush.

With GCash, the same process takes just a few taps. It’s free of charges too! It’s just great that amid all the stress of the Christmas season, this is one less task I could easily tick off my list.


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