Social Media’s Growing Industry

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? How about before seeing a movie or binge-watching on the new tv series? Or how do you decide on where to order your next quarantine weekend dinner date with your family? Bet you it is checking your social media platforms, seeing reviews, and/or looking at your friends or your favorite influencers’ recent post.

Today, social media has become a great part of our day-to-day life. From Facebook which is widely the most popular social media platform across the world, to tweeter, Youtube, and Tiktok to name a few. There seem to have a social media platform that will suit everyone’s need, hobby, job, etc.

What started to be an avenue to express one’s thoughts, ideas, and a means to document experience has now grown into one of the strongest marketing tools there is.

I still remember the days that I was using the GeoCities website as a blogging platform before I have heard of WordPress. I used to write about things that I was passionate about- Rap music.

From there, I was able to grow other interests like lifestyle, food, and even real estate and I can share all of those here on my website.

As a blogger I follow other bloggers and influencers that shares the same interest that I have now. It is truly remarkable how the social media industry evolves through the years.

And if you’re into building your entrepreneurial desires or ideas you should check Shannon Peel, she is a business influencer based in Canada who loves to tell stories, design, and connect people. I am sure you will learn a lot while reading her blog. Especially she is unique in her industry which she shares her experience in sales, marketing, advertising, investments, designs, and storytelling.

Quick background information about Shannon

She started in the industry twenty-plus years ago and her job was marketing as a financial planner. Then she works in capital markets, then went back to sales, selling oil pipe and pump jacks in Calgary and from there she learned a lot about sales and then when to advertising and selling advertising before she learned how digital and blogging.

I am impressed while reading Shannon’s blog. She is indeed a great storyteller and influencer. For sure people will love reading her materials as I did. Readers can also learn several life lessons on her blog.

As the number of influencers grows so do the platforms that we can use.

Recently, I have read on the news that the top influencers are making an impact on Clubhouse. A new social media network based on voice, where people around the world come together to talk, listen and learn from each other in real-time. Imagine how big this platform’s impact will be in the continuing development of social media marketing. I still remember the time when there would be people using two-way radios to talk to their friends and now Clubhouse is using that type of concept to influence and teach people in real-time about their interests but instead of frequency it’s now worldwide; not limited per frequency.

You guys, who is your great influencer? What is your go-to social media platform? Maybe you can share one or two of your favorite influencers. Do not forget to share it in the comment section below and let us have a healthy conversation about your favorite influencer, how they influenced you, and what is the best feature of your favorite social media platform?


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