Snake With Legs Found and Struck Dead in Isabela City

It is already a common news to have found a stray snake lurking inside a home. But a snake with legs? That’s interesting.

A snake is found inside the home of Gambol family in Barangay Ulango, Mallig, Isabela.

Norberto Jr. the father of the family immediately tried to capture the snake for fear of what it might do to his family. When the snake tried to fit itself in a carton, that’s when Norberto Jr. struck the snake dead.

When he was about to throw the snake away, he noticed that it has small pair of legs, leaving him and his neighbors amazed. Hence, he decided to keep it.

A forestry specialist commented that the snake is a product of genetic mutation.

As of now, the Gambol family preserved the dead snake in a jar.

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