Skin superchargers: Mary Kay launches Clinical Solutions Boosters

Whether for anti-aging or intense hydration, Mary Kay’s solution-specific dermocosmetic products can complement any skincare routine

There are times when a standard skincare regimen just won’t cut it – especially when one has concerns that need extra attention. In this case, a ‘skin supercharger’, or a product that provides a more potent solution, is needed for truly visible results. Mary Kay is introducing two such superchargers in the form of Mary KayClinical Solutions Boosters, the newest from the global brand’s science-backed dermocosmetic skincare line.

The two boosters are the Mary Kay Clinical SolutionsTM C + Resveratrol Line-Reducer and Mary Kay Clinical SolutionsTM HA+ Ceramide Hydrator, which are designed to target specific skin concerns. They are formulated with a highly potent dose of scientifically acclaimed ingredients to effectively boost their respective anti-aging and hydration benefits.

Mary Kay Clinical SolutionsTM C + Resveratrol Line-Reducer targets the critical components of skin aging, with a boost of three potent fighters against lines and wrinkles: Vitamin C, which supports the skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin proteins; Resveratrol, which has the same benefits as Vitamin C on top of protecting against photo damage; and Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, which helps diminish signs that lead to the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Deep hydration comes in the form of Mary Kay Clinical SolutionsTM HA+ Ceramide Hydrator, which replenishes the three critical hydration factors at once, while supporting the skin barrier through a unique boost of dermocosmetic ingredients. First is Hyaluronic Acid which comes in two forms for a dual-action approach in combating dry skin; Ceramide, which helps improve skin hydration and support its natural barrier function; and Verbena Officinalis Extract for the natural production of the skin’s natural moisturizing factor.

These boosters are easily integrated into every skincare routine, with the Mary Kay boosters applied after toner and just before serums. The targeted action of Mary Kay Clinical Solutions Boosters makes them ideal for use once or twice a week, and they can be used together – with the C + Resveratrol Line-Reducer applied before the HA+ Ceramide Hydrator – for an effective anti-aging and hydration combo.

It is recommended to identify the key skin concern for every individual prior to picking up their preferred Mary Kay Clinical Solutions Booster to truly enjoy the new line’s potent boost in skincare benefits.

These fresh drops are available through Mary Kay’s Independent Beauty Consultants (IBCs) nationwide. Customers can experience #VIPink service through IBCs and enjoy virtual skin analysis, personalized service, and authentic and quality products to help every skin concern.

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