Sitel wins Implementation Award for CallMiner Technology

Sitel, the BPO subsidiary of Sitel Group, one of the world’s largest customer experience companies, was honored with the Implementation Award by Speech Technology magazine for achieving significant business benefits from its deployment of the CallMiner Eureka speech analytics solution and MyEureka portal.

“The mix of Sitel’s people innovation and CallMiner’s technology resulted in a highly successful program deployment which exceeded initial expectations and is being offered to additional Sitel clients around the globe,” according to Craig Reines, Sitel Chief Operating Officer for Asia Pacific (APAC).

Sitel deployed Eureka in an effort to improve call resolution time, increase sales, and enhance overall customer experience. Deploying the Eureka speech analytics solution and MyEureka portal enabled Sitel to analyze customer behaviors, better train agents, and measure the effectiveness of actions taken.

“We are excited to have Sitel recognized for their innovative use of CallMiner Eureka technology to drive early and impressive results in agent training and customer experience,” said Paul Bernard, President and CEO of CallMiner. “CallMiner is proud to work with Sitel as a leader in customer care and we look forward to supporting their continued success.”

“We are deeply honored by this recognition from Speech Technology magazine. This award reaffirms Sitel’s commitment to provide the best customer experience to our clients.” according to Reines.

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