Sharp’s SAMM brings an all-new high to the Filipino party

Give a Filipino a microphone and he will sing his heart out to his favorite tune. Name any kind of celebration – birthday parties, reunions, get-togethers, weddings, graduations – and you can be sure that Filipinos, known for their singing prowess all over the world, will have their video machines ready. The “karaoke culture” is truly embedded within our consciousness.


To amplify the party levels even higher, Sharp (Phils.) Corporation, one of the country’s leading brands in electronics and home appliances, introduces “SAMM” or Sharp Active Multimedia, the newest video karaoke machine that just might redefine the way we celebrate.

SAMM’s 32-inch LED display creates a more exciting viewing and singing pleasure. Not even lolo and lola will have a hard time reading and singing the lyrics of the songs onscreen. And with the clear WXGA (1366 x 768) pixel display, everybody can sing-a-long to their favorite tunes. It also comes in a 19-inch display for those who want it more

SAMM’s sleek and elegant design makes it a great addition to any home. It has no irritating wires scattered around, no protruding speakers, amplifiers or other components, just like those bulky karaoke machines and other portable videoke
machines that you see in most watering holes in the city.

SAMM has two microphone inputs so you can invite anyone who wants to jump in and sing a part of the song. Singing together with your family or friends is one of the most enjoyable moments in a celebration. If, at any point, you get tired and would like to rest from all the crazy karaoke shenanigans, you can always turn on to SAMM’s TV tuner and watch your favorite TV programs.

Balikbayans from all over the world naturally feel homesick given the long time they’ve beenaway from their families. That’s why there’s nothing better than singing those good ol’ OPMsongs on SAMM to make a balikbayan feel truly at home. SAMM can play 1,200 licensed songs saved in the SAMM flash drive (Volume 1 comes with the purchase; Volume 2, with 1,000 songs, is available for upgrade). All you need to do is put on the flash drive, choose your favorite song and you’re all set.

Reunions can also become more exciting and enjoyable with SAMM’s USB multimedia function, which allows you to display photos and play videos saved on your flash drive.

This allows everyone in the reunion to have a “trip down to memory lane” by having their old photos displayed the screen, playing the music of their era, or reliving some of the memorable events in their lives caught on video.

SAMM’s awesome features wouldn’t be possible if not for the 32 years that Sharp has provided Filipinos with excellent products. It has been the company’s trademark to uplift the quality of Filipino lives with simple engineering marvels, especially with their “Our Brand, Our Pride”philosophy. Every Filipino home is assured to have only the best
products as long as it’s from Sharp.

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