Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago Top Performing Senator Since 2004 Despite Lung Cancer

We knew her for her funny antics, her satirical remarks, and outright bashing. Above all, we knew her for her “pick up lines” that are both witty and rebuking. She is one of the most prominent female senator that has ever graced the senate hall. Yes, she is none other than Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago herself.

According to her website,, Senator Defensor Santiago is still the senator who filed the most number of bills and resolutions among her colleagues, despite her battle with lung cancer.

Sen. Miriam filed a total of 1,007 bills and resolutions, as of December 17 last year, in the last session day of the Congress.

Behind her record is Sen. Jinggoy Estrada’s 604 bills and resolutions. Followed by: Antonio Trillanes IV (307), Sen. Lito Lapid (219), and Sen. JV Ejercito (217).

Despite how most of the public perceives her, with her blunt comments with just anyone regardless of position, Sen. Miriam has been a consistent top performer in the Senate since her election in 2004.

Among the many bills and resolutions she filed, Sen, Miriam was also credited for sponsoring. authoring laws such as the following: Reproductive Health Act; Biofuels Law; Renewable Energy Law; Sin Tax Law; Magna Carta of Women; Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act; Philippine Act on Crimes Against International Humanitarian Law, Genocide, and Other Crimes Against Humanity; Cybercrime Law; Seatbelt Law; Exact Change Act; Philippine Standard Time Act; Motorcycle Helmet Act; Kasambahay Law; Anti-Bullying Law; Archipelagic Baselines Law; and Climate Change Act.

In addition to these, with her term about to end on 2016, Sen. Miriam managed to urge the passage of the following bills: the Anti-Commercialization of Human Organs, Tissues or Parts of Living Persons Bill; the Anti-Epal Bill; the Anti-Political Dynasty Bill; Billboard Regulation Bill; Call Center Bill; Child Care Centers Bill; Certificate of Intention to Run for Public Office Bill; Clear Sidewalks Bill; Compulsory Teaching of Ethics Bill; Deceased Donor Bill; HIV and AIDS Bill; Magna Carta of Workers in the Informal Sector; Pthalate-Free Toy Bill; Special Education Bill; Magna Carta for Philippine Internet Freedom; and Whistleblowers Bill

Truly, Sen. Miriam has performed well her duties and responsibilities. There are many things she did aside from those mentioned above (see her official website, despite the fact that last July 2014 that she had been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. She revealed her diagnosis late when she was already in remission.

Her performance was not affected by what she is experiencing physically. Sen. Miriam said, “Only my body is sick, not my brain.”

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