The Search For The Next Great Dessert Master Begins In “The Clash”

From the talent search that brought you Curiosity Got the Chef’s Sharwin Tee, Lifestyle Network has whipped up a reality show in search of the Next Great Dessert Master.


The ultimate dessert making competition “The Clash” is the sugar rush any passionate dessert maker is looking for. Hosted by the bubbly and witty Sam Oh who also serves as the show’s hosting teacher and mentor, “The Clash” will test the creativity of the top 6 dessert-makers every week.

The journey won’t be a piece of cake for the top 6 contenders as each week their creations will be assessed by Chef-Judges Buddy Trinidad and Jill Sandique together with the mentors from the Pastry Alliance of the Philippines.

Chef-Judge Buddy Trinidad is a skilled master of baking. Trained in California where he created desserts for Hollywood celebrities, Chef-Judge Buddy is the rock star chef of the show.
Meanwhile, viewers won’t expect any sugarcoated comments from Chef-Judge Jill Sandique. A chef instructor, patisserie owner, and recipe consultant rolled into one, this expert will make sure each dessert will pass her standards of sweet perfection.

On the first episode of “The Clash,” viewers will get to know the top 6 clashers who share the same passion for baking despite having different backgrounds.

24-year old Ange Dela Cruz knew she wanted to bake at the age of 16. At such a young age, she was able to bake and run her own business, Sweet Life by Ange. The fashion enthusiast and graphic designer’s goal is to establish a lifestyle brand that promotes the idea of living “The Sweet Life,” not only in dessert-making, but also in making luxurious dessert displays.

Another contender in the show hails from the beautiful city of Tagbilaran, Bohol. Filipino-Italian culinary professor Paolo Rigotti teaches Hotel and Restaurant Management and at the same time owns a gelateria shop. Although Paolo has admitted he has stage fright, the culinary professor braved the auditions and successfully bested other bakers proving that it all takes a leap of faith to make dreams come true.

Who will crumble under pressure and who will charm their way to the top on the pilot episode?

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