Say goodbye to LPG scams, learn how to spot Verified Solane with its new safety seal

A video on a victim of LPG explosion recently went viral, spreading fear among Filipino homeowners about the use of LPG for cooking. However, with responsible practices, safety can be guaranteed, and so LPG brand Solane is introducing the new Bioseal, a biodegradable safety seal that is a first in the local LPG industry – making it easier for consumers to identify Verified Solane tanks from dangerous counterfeits that could lead to accidents.

“Our core mission is to deliver products and services that will ensure the safety of consumers. While we already have a number of initiatives in place to support our objectives, we’re continuously looking for ways to provide even better service to our customers,” stated Valeri Villano, Marketing Manager of Isla LPG, the corporation behind the local brand. “Bioseal will make it easier for Filipinos to verify their Solane tank’s authenticity, so they themselves can continue to protect their families.”

While Solane continues to ramp up its efforts on busting unauthorized sellers, many are still persistent with these illegal activities, refilling old Solane cylinders and selling lookalikes. And although the government recently passed a bill imposing stricter supervision on LPG regulation, consumers should still know how to identify fake tanks to prevent getting scammed. With Solane being the first in the country to use LPG safety seals that are made of biodegradable plastic, the unique Bioseal can be a sure way for customers to assure that their Solane LPG is authentic and has not been tampered with.

The new seal also comes with an improved locking mechanism for both POL (de roskas) and AS (de salpak). And specially for de roskas tanks, the markings on the seals have been upgraded to inked markings that are harder and costlier to copy as they require a specific equipment to produce – making it more difficult for unauthorized sellers to replicate them. The LPG brand also added a QR code on the Bioseals which upon scanning, will redirect users to Solane’s customer service. Just like the seal, this feature is also a first in the local LPG industry.

Aside from Bioseal, customers can also spot substandard LPGs by looking at specific indicators. Verified Solane tanks have markings that show their registration, the specific standards used, the the requalification or expiration date which refers to the date the cylinders will be tested again, and the tare weight in kilograms which signifies the weight of an empty cylinder. The tare weight varies per tank – 11.5 to 14 kg for POL and 13 to 15 kg for AS.

Meanwhile, counterfeits have not gone through the proper procedure and standards required for safe and secure LPG, so they will bear fake seals and incorrect labels. By buying these unauthorized tanks, consumers are not only getting substandard, inauthentic Solane LPG, but are also exposing themselves and their homes to the potential of gas leaks and explosions.

There may be counterfeit LPGs on the loose, but no matter how much they look or sound like Solane, know what to check and make sure that you choose only Solane – Verified Solane. Order Solane LPG by sending a message to 0918-887-5555 or 0917-897-7555, or to the Solane Facebook page (

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