Say ‘arigatou’ to peace with Tagaytay Highlands’ Katsura community

Say 'arigatou' to peace with Tagaytay Highlands’ Katsura community

The frenzied metropolitan life can be remedied by a quick getaway to Tagaytay. Barely a two-hour smooth ride away, the coveted spot’s accessibility makes it a frequent destination for casual getaways and even better – for a luxurious escapade. Who would not get allured by the image of vast greenery and the figurative caress of fresh air?

Tagaytay Highlands is an exclusive mountain resort community offering a sophisticated lifestyle with its world class amenities, themed residential communities, luxurious and innovative condominiums, and its classic log cabin homes. Each development within the property offers an unparalleled sense of privacy and comfort, providing homeowners the ultimate weekend getaway destination.

Those who are adherent with the Japanese culture will be enthralled with Katsura, the Japanese-themed residential community stretched across 14 hectares of rolling terrain. One can now be pampered and revel in the stretched space of God-made wonders incorporated with man-made sanctuaries.

Katsura values the forgotten essence of life – redirecting people to elegance of simplicity with its traditional and contemporary Japanese homes. It promises a sophisticated experience through beautiful manifestations of imagery. For one, mountains are represented through its steep-angled roofs. And to complement the vista, well-kept Japanese gardens sprawl the area which emit a more traditional atmosphere.

Set within the community to give a more authentic oriental ambiance are “KOENs” which are small parks or pocket gardens. In Japan, KOENs are symbolic of tradition and inner peace. The hues of green and yellow plants help you relax and be one with your inner self. Each park has unique elements that exhibit harmony and balance, representing the Japanese arts and culture. Two of the gardens are surrounded by white striped bamboos and have a torii gate that opens to wide steps leading to a pavilion, creating an imperial feel. While one of the gardens has a pond and a wooden deck where you can admire the beauty of serenity. There is also a rock garden where pebbles are scattered and boulders are essentially placed for design and convenience. The other gardens have benches and walkways that are perfect for afternoon strolls.

Katsura’s best kept secret is Yume, a secluded enclave in an already exclusive community. Overlooking Katsura, it offers a wonderful view of the Taal Lake. One can grasp more intimacy through its premier location and security.

Yume means “dream” in Japanese and true enough, it is artistic, still, and luxurious in nature.

The abode serves dual purpose – as a union and as a function. Guests will be captivated by its sophisticated interiors and the majestic outdoors surrounding it.

Yume lies in a three-hectare of lush land that extends the vital peace embodied by Katsura. Imagine experiencing the Japanese way of life without the hassle of travelling far.

Aside from the community’s exclusive amenities, homeowners may also enjoy the different Club facilities such as the country’s first cable car and Swiss funicular train, ATV rides, horseback riding ring, swimming pools with Jacuzzis, different sports facilities at the Sports Center, and Tagaytay Highlands’ very own zoo, the Animal Farm.

Upon purchase, proprietary shares to Tagaytay Midlands Golf Club will also be granted to homeowners.

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