Santa Claus Visits Dominican Republic Wearing Blue

Christmas is almost at the door and you know what that means? Yes, it’s giving time. And WestJet, a Canadian airline who is known online for their charitable Christmas videos, gives the needy people of Dominican Republic a memorable Christmas celebration.

One day, a big blue sleigh appeared in the community. People rode the sleigh noticing a small screen monitor in front. Santa Claus, who was oddly wearing blue appeared in the screen and talked with the town people who were riding the sleigh. He asked what each person wants for Christmas until the sun already set on them.

The following day, staffs of WestJet rushed to the supermarket to buy every single wish list the town people gave Santa and then they flew to the place where the gifts are addressed.

From washing machine, to a doll house, to a toy car, skateboard, a doll, a crib, and a new engine, the people were happy receiving their gifts from the WestJet as they were invited in the beach to have a party and receive the gifts.

The kids were excited and the people were all happy. The kids were also able to have their first snowball fight thanks to WestJet.

Last, but not the least, to receive his Christmas wish was Cristiano, who wanted to have his own horse for a living. Santa himself gave the last gift to the man who deserves to be blessed with it.

At night they lighted a big Christmas tree and watched fireworks display in the night sky.

The next morning, since WestJet knew that the children there had no safe place to play around, they prepared their last surprise as the town people gathered. They have given them, especially the kids, the place they can call their own as they enjoy their childhood.

Isn’t it indeed more blessed to give than to receive? For in giving, we experience receiving incomparable joy as we see people thankful for having received what was given to them. There is joy everywhere, and that should be the spirit of Christmas.

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