SAMSUNG Digital Appliances welcomes Kris Aquino and Erwan Heussaff as newest brand ambassadors

The Filipino-French connoisseur is eager to go on more culinary adventures with Samsung Digital Appliances. As a busy food and lifestyle content creator, he likes how the appliances help him carry out his career duties efficiently.

“Samsung allows me to pursue my passions with ease — cooking great food and generating relevant content,” says Erwan. “I can create more quality work, and have more time to spend with my loved ones with the perfect partners in life.”

Erwan’s new office and kitchen studio are equipped with the Samsung Twin Cooling Refrigerator and the Samsung Smart Oven. “I get to cook a variety of healthy meals easily with these products,” he explains. “They help me whip up great tasting dishes using the freshest ingredients.” Keeping his workspace cool and comfortable are the Samsung 360 Cassette and Samsung Wind-Free™ Air Conditioner which disperse cold air evenly and gently within any room. These appliances keep Erwan and his team focused and productive.

“Erwan Heussaff is an on-the-go and well-rounded creative professional who only wants the best for his career–and of course, his loved ones, too. Samsung shares and understands this desire to provide quality experiences for everyone, and we are proud to work with the seasoned content creator for Samsung Digital Appliances,” says Ann Lao Dy, Marketing Manager for Samsung Digital Appliances.

More time for moments filled with love

Meanwhile, the “Queen of All Media” cannot wait to share her experiences with Samsung Digital Appliances to her millions of followers. As the head of her social media empire and a hands-on mom, she appreciates the time and resource-saving features of the perfect partners in life.

“Despite my busy schedule, Samsung’s state-of-the-art appliances allow me to nurture my family and spend more meaningful moments with them,” says Kris. “My sons are my life, and I love how Samsung helps me be that ‘supermom’ they need.”

Kris loves the efficient cleaning quality of the Samsung FlexWash™ built with two washers and one dryer, enabling two different cycles to run simultaneously. In her kitchen, she loves to store fresh and healthy food items for her children using the Twin Cooling Refrigerator. Through the Smart Conversion feature, she can adjust the power and cooling settings based on her stocked groceries at any given time. Kris transforms these ingredients into hearty meals for Bimby and Josh with the Smart Oven.

Meanwhile, in her new Kris Studios, she keeps her staff and their workplace cool with the Wind-Free™ Air Conditioner. “My team is like family to me. My ‘supermom’ instincts also kick in whenever I work with them. I also want them to experience the loving and special moments that Samsung Digital Appliances can deliver,” says Kris.

“Kris Aquino embodies the ideal Samsung Digital Appliances user — a mom who deeply cares for her sons and people she treats as family. She overflows with love and wishes to share it to the world through her various endeavors. We are honored to partner with Kris in creating more quality moments for those who matter,” says Dy.

“Both Erwan and Kris are icons in their respective fields. Many people to look up to them,” adds Dy. “They’ve already achieved so much, but they continue to make breakthroughs in their careers and family life. Through this collaboration with Samsung Digital Appliances, we hope Filipinos will see how, with the right partners, they, too, can not only do more but also create meaningful work and moments with those who matter.”

Stay tuned for exciting and informative content from the newest members of the Samsung Digital Appliances family. For more information, visit the Samsung Facebook page or log on to

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