SABEL: LOVE & PASSION returns to the Music Museum

“A teleserye crammed into an hour and half…” says one of the country’s top editors and that barely describes SABEL: LOVE & PASSION, a “little” show that has had packed audiences raving. So much so that it now makes a “small” comeback on August 11 and 12, 8pm at the Music Museum. Difficult to describe though not to understand, SABEL: LOVE & PASSION is a musical cum ballet recital cum pop concert cum, yes, teleserye all packed into one hour and thirty minutes and performed without an intermission. Intriguing to say the least, this production is inspired by the paintings of National Artist Ben Cabrera featuring a madwoman of the streets.

Narrating the show as well as performing in the title role is the highly-praised film actress Iza Calzado, acting for the first time ever on stage. Dancing out the whole story to the choreography of Ronilo Jaynario is the Philippine Ballet Theater while the songs are performed by concert singers Aicelle Santos, Bo Cerrudo, Joaquin Pedro Valdes and Timmy Pavino. Renowned pop hitmaker Louie Ocampo handles the Music and Musical Direction while Aliw Awards Hall of Fame Director Freddie Santos is in charge of the lyrics, script and stage direction. Backgrounded by an abstract set designed by Joe Tecson, the show also serves as a canvas for high-tech video mapping as designed and executed by Video Sonic. If it takes this much to describe this “little” show, one can only imagine how much show there actually is to enjoy. Tickets are very limited.

Call Music Museum Ticketron (721-6726) now!

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