RICOH augments business workstyles with eco-efficient printers

Efficient and flexible printing methods continue to gain significance among businesses, as they augment work processes and the capacity of workgroups to deliver requirements well and on time.

Driven by its vision to enhance customers’ business productivity, global imaging and electronics leader RICOH improves document processes with its eco-efficient digital black and white Multi-Function Printer (MFP) series.


The MP 4055SP, MP 5055SP, and MP 6055SP can print up to 60 black-and-white pages per minute (ppm) on a wide range of document types. Its image quality of 1,200 dpi resolution results in crisp images with smooth gradations and precise text. The MP 2555SP, MP 3055SP, and MP 3555SP, on the other hand, has similar functions and can print up to 35 ppm. Both printer series have a maximum paper tray capacity of 4,700 sheets.

To simplify complex procedures, the MFPs’ Scan and Single Pass Document Feeder can scan full-colour originals at 220 sheets per minute and distribute them digitally in an instant. The MP 4055SP, MP 5055SP, and MP 6055SP can also store up to 3,000 frequently used forms on the embedded Document Server for easy accessibility.
Through the 10.1”-wide touch screen Smart Operation Panel with an Intuitive User Interface, users can tailor-fit workflows and reduce repetitive manual steps by customizing user interface, utilizing apps, and changing specific icons with a tap on the screen.
One of the apps is the RICOH Smart Device Connector, which allows copying, scanning, faxing, and printing through a smart phone or tablet connected via Bluetooth or Near Field Communication (NCF) tag. The app also enables sharing and retrieval of information directly from cloud storage applications such as Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox.

Moreover, the printers enable multiple tasks to be performed quickly and simultaneously, such as making subtle image changes prior to printing, through the embedded standard emulation PostScript and 1.46 GHz Intel® controller.

Also foremost features in the printers are its security controls that safeguard confidential and important information. The Data Over write Security System (DOSS) is part of the hard drive’s encryption protection that overwrites old, unused images. User authentication requires users to enter a pass code, billing code or swipe an ID card to gain access to the printers. Under this scheme, print quotas can also be set, or printing jobs can be locked until the authorized user releases them.

For sustainability and eco-efficiency, the printers are embedded with an ENERGY STAR® certified which is designed to reduce paper costs as well as contribute energy savings. Through the system, the printers can be programmed to power down when no one is in the office and keep duplex printing as the default setting to lessen paper costs.

As added features, the MFPs can be integrated with several software designed to automate workflows, improve printer security controls, track costs for accurate and efficient cost accounting, issue chargebacks, and more. The RICOH GlobalScan™ NX solution, for one, can digitize hardcopy originals and distribute them anywhere instantly; the RICOH Streamline NX® device management software, meanwhile, appoints a centralized control for expediting document management tasks; The RICOH EZ Charger Express provides all the important features required to accurately monitor and control MFP resources and user operations. For example, it gives administrator the ability to track copy, print, scan, and fax operations, as well as usage quotas for individual users.

These digital black and white multifunction printer series are part of the company’s pioneering Workstyle Innovation Technology that improves productivity and efficiency of business workflows.

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