Remembering the true meaning of Christmas-love, caring, and thanksgiving

There is nothing like holidays here in the Philippines. We celebrate the longest Christmas season, from the first day of September until the first Sunday of January. Not to mention the hundreds of festivities that we celebrate the whole year. All of which means lots and lots of food, cholesterol-rich food at that.

All these food consumption and unhealthy lifestyle lead to the rise of chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension in the country.

In a 2018 study published in British Medical Journal, Christmas was associated with a 15% increased risk of having a heart attack compared to other times of the year, the highest risk being on Christmas Eve. This is particularly true for older individuals with diabetes and established heart disease.

I, myself, am guilty of overindulgence during the Philippine holidays. For someone who grew up in the province especially in Pampanga, the culinary capital of the Philippines, food has been and will always be a big thing during any celebrations.

But all those excessive or undisciplined eating paved the way for me to suffer from diabetes and hypertension at an incredibly young age of 15 years old.

Now more than ever, being conscious of what we eat and do is a must. It is no longer about looking good but being healthy so we can celebrate more Christmases and holidays together with our family.

As for me, my motivation became my support-my family.

I strive to be healthy so I can have more time with my family and my family supports me in my journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

My husband, in his desire to help me with my condition, does research on how to lower my blood pressure. He would always remind me to reduce salt from what I cook, he encourages me to take a rest every now and then and to sleep early.

And during the Christmas celebrations though we still prepare protein-rich food my husband makes sure that we have a good amount of vegetable dishes on the table as well. He reminds me that we celebrate the Christmas season as a thanksgiving to our Lord and savior for the whole year He has blessed us and for the gift of family that allows us to feel God’s abundant love and graces in our lives. And choosing to live a healthier life is our way of thanking God and our family for everything that we have.

Just like Sanofi’s advocacy, the #PanataNgPamilya, #PanatangSanofi, acknowledges the great contribution of the whole family in overcoming chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.
Health is a lifetime commitment. Part of Sanofi’s advocacy is disease awareness with a focus on Diabetes, Hypertension, and Chronic Kidney Disease. Sanofi is committed to supporting these patients through holistic healthcare support and education. As a Proofpoint for Sanofi’s panata, Sanofi aims to educate how Filipino families to pursue proper wellness (proper nutrition and physical activity). This aims to give everyone an opportunity to live a healthier and normal life – and collectively create a healthier Philippines!

Panata sa Puso ng Pamilyang Pilipino as part of Sanofi’s advocacy to promote good heart health for the Filipino family against hypertension & heart attack, Sanofi acknowledges this Holiday session as a time to appreciate – and safeguard – the gift of health. With this, a healthy diet and exercise are encouraged to help everyone safe and healthy—and ready to enjoy the holidays.

Christmas season is a time for the family and all other things are embellishments. May we learn to appreciate life and the important things and people that come with it. Our health is the best gift that we can offer our loved ones. May we always take care of it so we can take care of those who are important to us.

For more information, visit Sanofi’s website

Written by Gabriel

Introvert, wanderer, blogger, foodie, a hip-hop music writer, and one of the co-founders of a tech start-up company called GigsManila.


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