realme Motion Activated Night Light

Are you a person that wakes up at night and have trouble looking around because the lights are off? Then, this is for you. Introducing the newly released realme Motion Activated Night Light, that allows you to light surfaces wherever you need it. The realme Motion Activated Night Light is a motion-sensored device that illuminates dim spaces or your room. It detects your movement and lights on without having to turn on the switch. Let’s divulge deeper on what we need to know.


The minimalist design is perfect to match on different furniture and decor. It displays as a donut which makes it look compact and easy to use. The device has a built-in holder with a magnetic plate that can be attached permanently to surfaces with a strong adhesive. The night light can also be magnetically attached to iron-built surfaces like the refrigerator so that the walk to the kitchen will not be a hassle or it can be hang with the use of the ring-design inside the closet to make it easier to find clothes at the back of your closet.


No need to worry about switching battery often because the 3 AAA battery included with the device has a low power consumption that can lasts up to 365 days without replacing the battery. There is no need to plug in the device, so you can use your extension cords and wall sockets for other devices.

Motion Sensor

The realme night light runs with an infrared-sensor that can detect motion at 120-degree horizontal wide angle. With the help of a photo sensor, it could be sticked on corridors and hallways to prevent tripping and stubbed toes.

Eye Care

With a diffused 2800K warm light, the realme night light won’t hurt your eyes and it stimulates the softness of natural light. It is flicker-free that could trigger seizures and has no harmful blue light. The brightness of the device could be chosen between two brightness mode but it is not too harsh to wake up your sleeping family.

Overall, the night light can be of real help to get around in the dark specially if it is already motion-sensored, so, there is no need to bother with the switch. The realme Motion Activated Night Light could be availed for P590.00 on Lazada, Shopee, and on realme e-commerce site.

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