RAPOO Releases New VPRO Gaming Keyboard, Mouse, and Headsets

RAPOO Gaming Labs, a renowned developer when it comes to PC and gaming peripherals, takes its gaming up a notch with the introduction of its own brand for hardcore gaming, VPRO.
VPRO introduces a wide range of gaming peripherals for the benefit of veteran gamers and entry-gamers alike. The brand introduces high-end mechanical keyboards, impeccable tracking mice, and quality-sounding headsets.

RAPOO has been part of the peripheral business since 2002, and with VPRO rolling out, the company is eyeing to be a fierce competitor when it comes to gaming.
Last April 3, 2017, RAPOO launched its brand new line of gaming peripherals under the name VPRO. The event was led by RAPOO Overseas Managing Director Oliver Shi, Regional Sales Director Johnson Zhang, along with the group’s Country Manager Aileen Chua and Local Retail Sales Manager Lem Estiva.

“Gaming has gotten a lot more serious these past few years, and there are already a lot of Filipino ProGamers who are making a name for themselves in eSports tournaments all over the world. We want to nurture the passion and talent Filipinos have by letting them experience the gaming gear used by the top Cyber Athletes in the world,” says Kyle Guo, Rapoo R&D Director.

What is VPRO?

VPRO is a professional gaming brand under RAPOO which specializes on a wide range of gaming peripherals, each to suite a user’s needs, wants, and budget. The new brand produces quality and value peripherals such as gaming mice, mechanical keyboards, and gaming headsets.

Utilizing the prowess of RAPOO when it comes to manufacturing peripherals, VPRO is able to drastically reduce the product-development cycles, allowing it to keep track of the latest trends and the demands of the gaming community.

Unlike its competitors, RAPOO is able to self-produce most of its components, thereby producing incredible gears while maintaining a low price ceiling.
Rolling out this May in the Philippines is VPRO first wave of gears, which includes:

VPRO Keyboards

First up is the VPRO V810 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

The V810 features full-mechanical keys and a conflict-free design. The keyboard uses cherry mechanical switches, which can reach up to 50 million keystrokes per switch. This makes the keyboard very durable and reliable when it comes to gaming. The conflict-free design of the keyboard allows you to press multiple keys simultaneously and, couple with mechanical switches, ensures that your commands are registered and executed with the least amount of time.

It is also equipped with multi-level backlight illumination for those late-night gaming sessions. All keys present on the keyboard are programmable and sits nicely on top of an angled base, leading to a very ergonomic keyboard design.

The V810 also features five dedicated macro keys on the left-hand side of the keyboard for those specific hotkeys for specific situations.

It also features a Gaming Mode which instantly transforms Windows settings to gaming settings and vice-versa.

All of these functions can be saved through the V810’s built-in memory so you can use your precious hotkeys anytime, anywhere.

The VPRO V810 is priced at 6,730 Pesos.

Other Keyboards:

  • V720s (4,540 Pesos)
  • V700 RGB AL (3,365 Pesos)
  • V500 RGB AL (2,690 Pesos)
  • V510 (2,690 Pesos)
  • V500L (2,690 Pesos)
  • V500S Crystal (2,110 Pesos)
  • V500S Al (2,020 Pesos)
  • V51S RGB (1,265 Pesos)


Next on the list is the VPRO V310 Laser Gaming Mouse.

The V310 features RAPOO’s brand-new gaming chip V-power3, 32-bit ARM core, 60MHz running frequency and 1000 Hz USB report rate for instant response. It also features a high-end gaming optical engine with an image-processing rate of 1200 FPS, 150 inches tracking speed, and up to 1000 Hz USB report rate, which gives you one of the best tracking experiences.

It is also equipped with built-in memory so you can save your profiles and use them on the fly.

The V310 is also equipped with a LED Multi-color light system. Equipped with up to 16 million colors, you can customize the appearance of your gaming mouse to suite your own lifestyle while also maintain proper illumination within your gaming area.

It also features an APM-Lighting mode which synchronizes with your actions, giving off that dazzling dance of light.

The VPRO V310 Mid-Level Laser Gaming Mouse is priced at 2,190 Pesos.

Other Mice:

  • V280 – Optical-Entry Level (1,245 Pesos)
  • V26 – Optical Entry Level (1,095 Pesos)
  • V25S – Optical Entry Level (1,245 Pesos)

VPRO Headsets

Last on the chopping block is the VPRO VH600 Virtual 7.1.

The VH600 features a multi-function remote configuration free control and intelligent VIB vibration unit that delivers an immersive shock experience. The over-ear design provides comfort and noise isolation while the active dual microphone ensures that you deliver commands to your teammates as clearly and as quickly as possible.

Its suspension head wear also adapts to the length of gaming hours to ensure comfort throughout your battles.

The VPRO VH600 Virtual 7.1 Gaming Headset is priced at 2,945 Pesos.

For entry-level gamers, there is also the VPRO VH200 illuminated Gaming Headset which features professional sound adjustment, noise-cancelling microphone, and an intelligent suspension headwear for those long gaming hours.

The VPRO VH200 is priced at 1, 515 Pesos only.

All of these exciting gears will be available in stores and third-party retailers starting this May.

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