“My Puhunan” Tackles Unexpected Success of Eco-Friendly Packaging Company

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The demand for paper-based materials has risen as people have shunned plastic and Styrofoam and are getting more environmentally conscious. As a result, businesses such as Greenpak Enterprises have been gaining ground for their environment-friendly paper cups and meal boxes.

Karen Davila with Greenpak Enterprises Jorge and Helen Lising in MY PUHUNAN

This Wednesday (Nov 19) in “My Puhunan,” broadcast journalist Karen Davila tells the success story of married couple Jorge and Helen Lising, the owners of Greenpak Enterprises that is worth millions of pesos.

The couple opened their business using only P60,000 as a humble design and printing business, but now, it supplies food packaging products to over 2,000 companies, including popular restaurants.

Jorge and Helen succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Growing up poor, Jorge was a factory worker’s son, while Helen was an orphan. Through the help of scholarships, they both finished college and devoted their lives to working.

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