“My Puhunan” Shares Humble Beginnings of Celebrity Wedding Caterer

How did the now famous “Josiah’s Catering” make it big and revolutionize catering business in the country? Its owners share their humble beginnings and success story with Karen Davila tomorrow (Sept 17) in “My Puhunan.”

Josiah's Catering owners Boyet and Jet Versoza in MY PUHUNAN 2

Josiah’s Catering, owned by couple Boyet and Jet Versoza, provided food service at the wedding receptions of celebrity couples John Estrada and Pricilla Mereilles, Cheska Garcia and Doug Kramer, and Nonito Donaire and Rachel Marcial.

But before Boyet and Jet became successful, they were forced to sell cooking oil and put up a carinderia at one point, when Boyet was laid off from his job right after Jet gave birth to their first kid. After a short time, they were kicked out of the space where their carinderia was located. Instead of giving up, the two relocated their business to their backyard at home.

They knew nothing about catering at that time, but they took it as a challenge, and so Jet would prepare the dishes and Boyet would set up the place for an event. Their business became known through word-of-mouth, until they became caterers for big weddings.

Nowadays, they provide food service at 20 events a day. What’s the secret to Boyet and Jet’s success?

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