“My Puhunan” Bares Ups and Downs in Life of Famous ‘Bulaluhan’ Owner

ABS-CBN’s current affairs program “My Puhunan” inspires viewers tomorrow (Oct 1) with the story of Cecille Pineda, the owner of the famous “Bulaluhan sa Ramirez” as she shares her journey to becoming rich and the hardships she’s had to endure as a successful entrepreneur.

Cecille has run her famous ‘bulaluhan’ for three decades now. At 62, she has no plans of retiring from work and still oversees her eatery’s operations.

“Bulaluhan sa Ramirez” started out as a mobile kitchen when Cecille and her husband sold bulalo on the streets. The success of their food business would later make their dreams come true as they were able to buy their own house and vehicles and send all of their kids to school. But as soon as success came Cecille’s way, so did the trials in her life.

Her husband was later diagnosed with cancer after their 25th wedding anniversary, and a year after, one of her kids was shot and killed. She had not finished grieving for the death of her son when she lost her husband.

Just recently, Cecille was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Despite this, Cecille remains grateful for all her blessings and even helps out one of her employees start a business in the episode.

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