Pru Life UK helps Filipinos understand their health better through Healthcheck and Digital Twin on Pulse

Filipinos are paying more attention to healthy living as they realize the importance of health and wellness amid the COVID-19 pandemic. To empower people in the Philippines to have a better understanding of their body and health conditions, Pru Life UK has launched Pulse, an AI-powered mobile app that provides users with access to real-time health information wherever they are, round the clock.

“Pulse is part of our ‘We DO Health’ commitment to inspire a healthier lifestyle among Filipinos. Through innovative features within the app such as Healthcheck and Digital Twin, we hope to promote holistic health management and encourage users to make more informed lifestyle choices in order to achieve their health goals. This is also in line with our ambition to make healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone,” says Pru Life UK SVP and Chief Customer Marketing Officer Allan Tumbaga.

One of the key features on Pulse is Healthcheck, an AI-driven health assessment powered by UK-based healthcare technology and services company Babylon. Designed by doctors, scientists and epidemiologists, the tool gives users insights into their long-term disease risks, and the changes they can make to reduce their risk and improve their long-term health. Through a detailed assessment on the user’s medical history, family history, lifestyle, nutrition and mental health, Healthcheck creates a projection of the user’s risk of contracting a range of diseases in the next five years, based on peer-reviewed epidemiological data. With access to this information, users can explore specific diseases and understand their risks and the factors affecting them, by comparing their level of risk to people of the same age and gender.

Getting practical insights to make positive lifestyle changes through your Digital Twin

Through an engaging conversational chatbot interface, users are asked about their medical history and lifestyle factors to assess their current health status and predict their future disease risks. After completing the Healthcheck assessment, Pulse users can immediately access a comprehensive visual overview of their health status through the Digital Twin, a realistic graphic representation of the body broken down by organ where users can explore specific diseases and understand their risks and the factors affecting them. Based on the information provided by the user, a health score is also generated to give an indication of how healthy the users are compared to national guidelines and people of the same age and location.

The Digital Twin feature also helps to identify the risk factors and health status, such as “good,” “caution,” or “alert”, of each organ, which informs users of the conditions that they might contract in the future. It also gives practical suggestions, including dietary and exercising habits, on improving the conditions of a specific organ.

Advocating proactive healthcare management with Pulse

It is increasingly important to maintain one’s physical health and mental wellness, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the correlation between mental wellness and overall health, the Digital Twin feature also provides users with useful information about their anxiety, mood, self-esteem, and stress levels. Coupled with practical guidance on how to manage them better, this tool can empower users to be more mindful of their overall health status.

Using AI-powered tools and real-time information, Pulse serves as a 24/7 partner to help Filipinos prevent, postpone and protect against the onset of diseases. Pulse also provides users with access to educational information, such as preventive tips against COVID-19 in the Pulse Beats articles and SAFE STEPS Safety Card infographics. In addition, to help safeguard the people’s health and provide peace of mind, Pru Life UK is offering free COVID-19 protection and Personal Accident insurance for new and existing users through Pulse.

“COVID-19 has made us more vulnerable than ever. This is the time for all of us to develop a habit to proactively manage our physical and mental health. Pulse is a timely tool that helps Filipinos lead healthier lives, so they can further protect their families and communities in these challenging times,” adds Tumbaga.

To note: Healthcheck is intended for use by adults over the age of 18. Healthcheck is not suitable for pregnant women and users with long-term medical conditions or disabilities who may have different needs and risks than shown.

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