Pru Life UK and Pru Life UK Investments join hands to promote financial literacy in the new normal

Leading life insurer Pru Life UK, and its trust company, Pru Life UK Investments, are launching the fourth leg of the PRUWise Webinar-Experts Series, aimed at promoting the importance of protection and guiding people on building a strong financial portfolio in the new normal.

A webinar will be held at 7pm on 13 July where updates of the local equity and bond markets, and practical investment strategies to build a stronger financial portfolio will be shared. The session is free of charge and now open for public registration via this link.

“In these uncertain times, we should be strengthening our financial portfolio with liquid and wealth-protecting assets. A sound financial plan that prioritizes financial protection and liquidity, as well as making the most of investment opportunities, will allow us to navigate the different stages and cycles of the market, economy, and life,” shares Pru Life UK Vice President for Investment Marketing Mark Anthony Valino.

In this webinar, Pru Life UK Investments’ Head of Equities Charles Wong and Head of Fixed Income Ricky Maddatu will share insights on how to maximize opportunities in the Philippine financial markets. Charles has 15 years of investment experience, with 10 years as an equities broker in Hong Kong. Ricky has held various positions in both the buy and sell-sides of capital markets.

“We see a rising demand for expert financial advice as consumers seek options to better manage their personal finances. By continuing to support our customers’ learning and development, we want to deepen their understanding on building a stronger financial portfolio,” shares Pru Life UK Investments Vice President for Sales and Marketing Dreda Teresa Mendoza.

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