Protect the foundations of your home to avoid problems in the future

Your house is one of your biggest investments, but turning it into a home is taking it to another level.

1468f156-d483-413f-b2ba-3eedb3a98edaYou might ask: what’s the difference between a house and a home? A house is the structure made out of walls and beams, while a home is a place where we feel the safest and is built out of love.

But how can you call your house a home when your family is not safe in it because of possible termite infestations? Not only your house’s foundation is at risk, but also your family’s health.

Termite infestation is a real problem that requires real solution. While we focus so much with wood preservation when termites are talked about, people don’t even know that some termites come from soil and it is also a must to treat our soil with termite solutions.

For six long decades, Solignum wood preservative has been the partner of Filipino homes when it comes to protecting our homes from termites, wood borers, and fungi.

With its commitment in providing total termite protection, Jardine Distribution Inc (JDI) the distributor of Solignum in the Philippines is educating the market on the importance of total termite protection.  The total termite solution is a reminder and a tool to homeowners that it is important to protect the outside of our home from termites as it is inside.

Soilguard, which is a support to existing Solignum products, aims to protect your home from subterranean termites found in soil by providing lethal barrier that prevents them from entering the structure. It kills any termites that comes into contact with, which is a cost-saving and efficient solution.  Solignum wood preservative on the other hand helps protect and preserve the wood from the termites, wood borers and fungi.

Now that summer’s here, it is the perfect time to inspect your home for problems while we have a good and dry weather. If you see signs of possible infestation, get right to the problem. If not, it is still the best if you step up and prevent it from happening by treating your soil with Soilguard and your wood with Soligum.

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