Prepare for the Great Re-Hiring with HRIS & Payroll Software

COVID-19 has caused a large amount of distress among people. Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) have been hit tremendously hard. The pandemic has pushed many of these businesses over the edge, resulting in income loss and unemployment for millions.

As the Philippines slowly recovers from the pandemic, more and more people are applying for jobs again. How can MSMEs prepare for ‘The Great Re-Hiring?’

The Great Resignation 

In a recent study, an average of 73.1% of MSMEs were forced to close their businesses a few weeks after the COVID-19 outbreak and the lockdown measures were implemented. While more than half of the microenterprises had no sales in March 2020, others had to be creative with their solutions to continue delivering sales. This meant that they had to lay off employees or cut back their budget for other expenses like their existing workforce’s paychecks. The bottom line is they had to make some sacrifices to keep their operations running.

This has also affected the labor force. Their struggle and frustration with the new normal have manifested into ‘The Great Resignation’. The Philippines recorded a 176% increase in voluntary resignation across all industries.

The Great Re-Hiring 

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. The National Capital Region and 48 other areas in the Philippines have remained at the most lenient COVID-19 alert level – Level 1. This means that the economy, for the most part, is recovering as private establishments and government agencies are allowed to operate at full on-site capacity. More people have regained access to public transportation and establishments, making it easy to get around. Some companies have required their employees to go back to work onsite. Some companies have also considered hiring back the workforce they’ve lost during the height of the COVID-19 outbreak.

As more and more companies are hiring employees to make up for the losses of the previous years, here are some things you may want to consider:

  • Is your company ready for the sudden influx of the added workforce?
  • Are your company’s systems prepared for that influx?
  • What are the steps you’re taking to ensure the seamless onboarding of your new employees?
  • How can you make these additional team members feel supported by the company?

One way is to make use of a smart and modern all-in-one HR and payroll software platform for attendance, timekeeping, payroll, and employee data management.

Full-suite HRIS & payroll software from GreatDay HR

GreatDay HR provides MSMEs with an affordable, easy-to-use HRIS & payroll platform that is tailor-fit to the Philippine market.

Here’s how your company can use it to prepare for ‘The Great Re-Hiring’

  • Designed for the Philippines by Filipinos

GreatDay’s HRIS & payroll software is designed with the Filipino employee in mind. One main feature is that Philippine taxes will already appear on the interface without having to convert or fill out separate pages from third-party websites. This not only reduces errors but also lowers data security risks.

  • Automated work for more productivity 

GreatDay’s user-friendly software can help your HR:

With these automated features, your HR becomes more productive!

  • Easy-to-use interface for everyone 

GreatDay’s HRIS & payroll software is simple to use. Any information entered, from the company’s processes to employee data, will be saved in the system. The transition from paper-based filing to online filing on a single platform will be seamless.

Manual HR processes like filing government documents, monitoring payrolls, or updating employee information can be done in a few clicks.

  • Available add-ons for better user experience

GreatDay HR puts customized user experiences at the forefront.

Normally, basic HRIS & payroll software covers employee data, time and attendance, and payroll. GreatDay HR provides these, then offers add-ons such as Performance Management, Recruitment, and Internal Communications.

Other add-ons include a place for employees to file their leaves, update their employee data, and upload required documents. This empowers your workforce to gain a sense of ownership of their data and privacy. GreatDay HR also allows your HR team and immediate superiors to complete approvals within the platform. This makes processes faster and more efficient so you can focus on better managing your employees.

With these options, MSMEs can mix and match the basic package with add-on services to create an HRIS that’s tailored to their specific needs.

  • Affordable pricing for Philippine MSMEs

An excellent payroll software does not have to be costly. GreatDay HR recognizes the importance of every peso to MSMEs, so it strives to be one of the most cost-effective payroll systems in the Philippines. Their full-suite HRIS & payroll platform comes with flexible plans to fit any company’s budget. Add-ons are also reasonably priced for companies looking to expand the automation of their HR processes across the organization.

HR personnel should know that adapting to the digitization of HR systems in the Philippines is the only way forward to stay competitive in the long run. To make ‘The Great Re-Hiring’ easier on everybody, especially the HR department, use an HRIS & payroll software like GreatDay HR. It is configurable, affordable, and modified to the needs of Philippine SMEs!

GreatDay HR is one of the platforms offered by SunFish DataOn Philippines Inc. (SDP), the leading provider of cutting-edge Human Resources technology solutions used by thousands of companies in the Asia Pacific region, including the Philippines. Together, with its sister companies, Humanica Thailand and DataOn Indonesia, SDP creates HRIS and Payroll Solutions for employee empowerment across the board.  With its 50+ staff and growing in the Philippines, SDP offers a comprehensive and smooth support service to all its valued clients.

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