Premium cinematic experiences right at your home

  • LG’s 2017 OLED models is now equipped with Dolby Atmos, providing 360-degree surround sound experience giving the ultimate and best cinematic experience right from your homes

A great home entertainment system should have an amazing TV right at the helm—a TV that delivers not only superior picture quality, but also immersive sound that brings images to life right at the comfort of one’s home.

LG Electronics’ OLED—Organic Light Emitting Diode—2017 TV technology continues to be a trailblazing innovation that has consistently impressed tech experts, journalists, and even consumers for its ability to display the most realistic color range, the darkest blacks, and crystal-clear details through unique, unparalleled technology. At the heart of the LG OLED TV is a groundbreaking new technology that harnesses organic, self-lighting pixels that take display quality to a level never seen on a television set before.

While the LG OLED TV has reaped numerous awards and accolades from the global tech community for its breathtaking display, there is more to it than meets the eye.

“At LG Electronics, we believe that a great TV doesn’t only deliver mindblowing visuals,” said LG Philippines Vice President for Home Entertainment Tony An. “TV is an audio-visual experience. With this in mind, we designed and developed the 2017 OLED Series to deliver dramatic, fully-immersive sound through Dolby Atmos.”

First of its kind

The 2017 LG OLED TV series is the first television in the world to feature both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, the same technology that delivers a fully immersive sound experience formerly found only in theaters and movie houses. This surround-sound technology brought about by Dolby Atmos was developed in Dolby Laboratories to create a 360-degree sound system that envelops viewers from every direction.

“The challenge in developing home entertainment systems is to recreate that cinematic experience,” shared An. “With the race toward creating better and better displays, many have forgotten about the sound element. This was why we saw a great opportunity in imbuing the LG 2017 OLED series with the gold surround-sound standard, the Dolby Atmos technology.”

Through the Dolby Atmos technology present in LG OLED TVs, consumers can truly enjoy cinematic experiences in their own home. Fully immersive sound means that viewers get to be a part of all the fun, drama, and action of their favorite TV shows and movies—including ground-shaking explosions, raindrops drumming on windowpanes, catchy musical scores, and heart-stopping dialogue.

True surround sound pipes in the audio tracks from all directions, delivering the sound as though they are occurring in real life. “And that’s what sets the LG OLED apart from the other home entertainment systems, which just bank on a lot of speakers that mimic—but fail to fulfill—surround-sound features,” added An.

Perfect combination

Dolby Atmos is the perfect feature that complements LG 2017 OLED TVs’ Dolby Vision capability, which has been built-in in the series this year.

“As one of the most impressive HDR technology available today, Dolby Vision perfectly maximizes the revolutionary display of the LG OLED TV,” said An. “Now that we have Dolby Atmos in our flagship TV model, we have truly realized LG’s vision of premium, state-of-the-art entertainment experiences delivered right at our consumers’ home.”

The LG 2017 OLED TV Series will be available in the Philippines starting May 2017.

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