Pocket Urban Development, Cloverleaf, set to provide well-rounded community experience

Everywhere, urban planners are creating impressive cities—tall buildings, busy streets and sprawling recreational destinations. These metropolitan enclaves have become the hallmarks of city living. In the quest to create a hub for business came intense rush hour traffic; along with the massive retail destinations, came the influx of shoppers; the goal to evolve and keep up with everyone’s needs, meant more buildings and less green spaces.

Pocket Urban Development, Cloverleaf, set to provide  well-rounded community experience

It was then that the need to combine the perceived challenges of a city with its real value became apparent. And developers like Ayala Land continue to prove that it can be done through careful planning and an inherent understanding of how cities should seamlessly integrate into urban lifestyles.

“I think a good indicator of a successful city is its degree of livability. Combining functional elements such as infrastructure, public transportation, good governance with elements that make it habitable like residential options, availability of institutions and quality of life,” says Joel Luna, Ayala Land’s VP & Chief Architect.
From a developer’s perspective, particularly one like Ayala Land whose heritage spans decades of creating spaces designed to answer the needs of its users, paying closer attention to a city’s ability to support a holistic lifestyle should be the priority.

This means redefining the traditional concept of a city by building compact urban developments that focus on accessibility and ease that ultimately, provides a more holistic experience for those who move in it.

According to Luna, honing and defining a sense of culture and community has to have the support of residential business groups, retail options, security, international connectivity for business; residential options, health care; and a well-rounded environment.

All these come into play in Balintawak, where Ayala Land is set to reinvent the concept of city living with Cloverleaf.

It goes beyond adding to the urban skyline of the north. Cloverleaf isn’t simply about constructing new buildings, it’s about building the infrastructure that will ultimately cater to what its future users will want, providing a more holistic urban experience that complements their lifestyle and adds value to it. This means anticipating the needs and expectations of an urban savvy demographic who seek to find unique ways to spend their time– and with a 500-meter long landscaped open are which will connect EDSA to A. Bonifacio, a safe walking experience will also be provided to the public.

Ayala Land generally goes where the market is headed. And following current trends, the North is fast becoming the destination of choice to fulfill recreational, business and living ideals

“Ayala Land has proven its expertise in developing mixed use communities since after WW2, beginning with Makati, then followed by Alabang, Cebu Park, Bonifacio Global City, and Nuvali. In each of these developments we learned lessons, evolved our products, and adopted them to our newer townships,” adds Luna.

The first phase of Cloverleaf is focused on building commercial, residential and business elements. For the next five years, residential components slated for completion in 2019-2020, a two-hectare shopping complex eyeing a 2017 launch and a 250-bed hospital and mark the beginning of what is envisioned to become a pocket urban development in Balintawak.

According to Luna, a community’s culture cannot be imposed or pre-identified by a developer. It evolves from the place and the people that are attracted to the place. With a goal to foster and sustain a unique culture for its users, Cloverleaf intends to create a venue that is flexible and inclusive to balance the commercial aspects of the project with the lifestyle of its eventual users.

The result is the rise of a comprehensive mini-district, where shopping, living and working becomes seamless; mobility and accessibility is easy; and cultural growth as a community becomes effortless, ultimately defining a city’s renewed focus on a more holistic urban experience.

Cloverleaf becomes a space that complements the inherent culture of Balintawak, while allowing it to evolve according to the unique experiences it is set to foster within it.

“Redefining city living in Balintawak means being guided by the deeply-held philosophy of Ayala Land to develop with a long-term vision and commitment to build, not only for those who will have access to the city now, but for future generations as well,” ends Luna.

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