Pinoy-hearted Japanese Aisaku brings you closer to JAPAN with his new single ‘IMADEMO AISHITERU’!!!

After releasing his debut album which featured Ted Ito’s ‘IKAW PA RIN’ (Saigo No Iwake) and various 90’s OPM favorites, Pure Japanese Singer AISAKU YOKOGAWA has decided to create a fusion combining the best of both worlds – Nihonggo Music and OPM (Original Pilipino Music).

Inspired and motivated by the resurgence of KPOP in the local music scene, Aisaku intends to inject a “Japanese feel” this time in his new compositions. He now finds a unique way of infusing his native language ‘Nihonggo’ with OPM, which is deemed very promising. According to Aisaku, “Since Filipinos are extremely eager to learn Nihonggo, why not teach them in the most effective way possible … through music. Besides, it’s in teaching them in the form that I’m most comfortable with and something that I know best, that will prove to be rewarding eventually”.

Watch out for his upcoming singles ‘‘IMADEMO AISHITERU’ (composed/written by Rob Evangelista) and Aisaku’s original composition, ‘DAIJOBU DAKARA ~kaya pa naman~’ poised to dominate the radio airwaves and album sales charts soon!

Aisaku remains active and visible when it comes to live gigs/events. His repertoire covers a wide array of Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, English, & Portuguese hits which he managed to muster when he started his career as a lounge singer in hotels. Aisaku is also considered Multi faceted because aside from being regarded as a Multi -awarded singer/entertainer/host, he is a Full-fledged Japanese interpreter/translator as well. His multi-lingual expertise in Japanese, Filipino and English earned him a much deserved recognition in the Japanese Community in the Philippines, thus making him the most in demand artist in Japanese related events like festivals, expos, cosplay/karaoke contests, etc. Despite his busy schedule in Manila, Aisaku still finds time to fly to key provinces and other Asian countries to guest and host for Japan-related events. In fact, from July to August this year, he will be entertaining the crowd in Cebu, Japan and Singapore via tri-lingual hosting plus singing stints. Aisaku has also appeared on various print ads and TV commercials (“LUCKY ME! KARI&POKU”). His debut album ‘Ikaw Pa Rin’, released under i&i records and distributed by Universal Records, is currently available on iTunes, OPM2GO, and in all record bars nationwide.

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