Philippine Singles Day 2020 Deals

Forget about Black Friday because here in the Philippines and the rest of Asia. Singles Day is our biggest e-commerce event! Happening on November 11, hence also called 11.11 Big Sale. There will be an overflow of promos and discounts, and vouchers, and free shipping too!

To instill more thrill, let’s first look into what this Singles Day is all about. Is it just a promo offer for Single people? When did it start? What can we buy? Let’s all find out the answers here!

Singles Day Deals

Singles Day started as an obscure “anti-Valentine’s” celebration by single people in China. The event started and became a nationwide celebration back in the 1990s. It was called Singles Day because when you write November 11 in numerals, you get 11.11 which in China is considered as “bare sticks holiday.” It was the students at Nanjing University who started this celebration of “singledom.”

China’s biggest e-commerce platform called Alibaba or what we all consider here in Asia as the Amazon of China realized the commercial opportunity in Singles Day back in 2009. Alibaba then experimented on throwing a big sale to celebrate the event by launching the “Double 11” Deals. Little do they know, they were starting something that was about to explode and become the biggest hit in online shopping.

In that first year of the Singles Day Sale, consumers spent 50m yuan (almost 362 million pesos) in shopping from 27 merchants who participated and offered discounts. Then by 2011, the sale was already dubbed Singles Day of the Century where the sales shoot up to almost 10 billion yuan or 28 billion pesos!

But wait, because Alibaba isn’t done yet. Last year, Alibaba set a record high of more than 268.4 billion yuan or $38.4 billion (over 1 trillion pesos)!

Philippine Singles Day Deals 2020

Now that November 11 is fast approaching, the Philippines is making its own Singles Day Sale with several brands and marketplaces throwing huge discounts. So be ready to do a couple of checkouts, because the items you wish to buy for yourself and those that you can give as gifts for the holidays might just be at their lowest prices ever.

Here are some of the best places to shop on the upcoming Singles Day Deals 2020:


If you are a shopping fan, you definitely should have a Shopback account. You can use it to shop items from Lazada, Zalora, Shopee, Agoda, and so much more. Later get a chance for a money-back when a price drop happens.

This upcoming 11.11 Sale, you can search this site for the best deals as it already rolls promos from merchants and marketplaces into just one place.

Easy shopping; hassle-free shopping.

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