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The relationship between occasion and flower is strong. Every occasion necessitates a flower, no matter what type of event you’re attending or performing in. Culture flower is a must-have component if you want to convey the richness of your cultural heritage. When it comes to the subject of celebrations, every occasion has a story behind it, and this story tells us about the customs and traditions associated with that occasion.

While some believe that Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the middle of February to commemorate the anniversary of Valentine’s death or burial, which occurred around A.D. 270, others believe that the Christian church decided to place St. Valentine’s feast day in the middle of February to “Christianize” the pagan celebration of Lupercalia. Lupercalia, celebrated on the 15th of February, was a fertility festival dedicated to Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture, as well as the Roman founders’ Romulus and Remus.

In a broader sense, February is a month of compassion and love. Flowers have been used as a symbol of love and compassion throughout human history. Gifting flowers is a way for a man or a woman to express their feelings for someone they care about. And on Valentine Day, this is a foremost duty to gift Flower to your loved ones

Here are some of my Flower Suggestions for you, I bet this will certainly help your partner and your loved ones

  1. Favorite Blossoms

Giving a bunch of red roses is the ideal Valentine’s Day gift. These roses come in a variety of colors, so they can brighten any day. Our Kraft paper wrapper will be used to give this kind of present. Our unique ribbon pattern adds a touch of elegance to this simple yet traditional bouquet. Our Florist uses 12 stems of mixed roses and misty blue flowers as fillers while arranging the items.

  1. The Fresh Puff

Giving a bouquet of mixed-color roses is a unique way to convey a variety of feelings in one gesture. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, Thank You Gifts, and more. The Purple and Gold Korean Wrapper is one of the millennial’s favorite colors and comes with our trademark ribbon design to enhance the bouquet’s magnificence. Our Florist uses (12) twelve stems of mixed roses and misty blue flowers as fillers in the creation of each item.

  1. Blushing Beginnings

It’s the ideal gift to give someone to express their congrats or to mark a significant occasion. Our Florist uses six stems of pink roses and misty blue filler flowers to hand-arrange the bouquet. Gently wrapped in a kraft-jute wrapper combo. As a result, it has a contemporary and historic feel. Our trademark ribbon design is included as an added touch of class to the bouquet.

  1. Sighlly and sunny rose Bouquet

You may use this romantic bouquet to start a new relationship off well. If you wear purple and gold, it’s a symbol of your devotion and devotion to others. Let your loved one know how much you care by sending this bouquet of pink roses. Our Florist uses six stems of pink roses and misty blue filler flowers to hand-arrange the bouquet. Colorful Korean wrappers were used in the design. Our trademark ribbon design is included as an added touch of class to the bouquet.

  1. My hearty apology

As an expression of appreciation, a timeless composition was created. If you give this to a loved one, it will be sure to brighten their day. Our Florist uses six stems of pink roses and misty blue filler flowers to hand-arrange the bouquet. The burlap used to wrap it is made from renewable resources. Our trademark ribbon design is included as an added touch of class to the bouquet.

  1. Bewitching Hand-gathered Rose Bouquet

As a symbol of respect, this is a traditional arrangement. Give this to your loved ones and they’ll be sure to have a smile on their face. Our Florist uses (12) twelve stems of pink roses with misty blue as fillers in the creation of each item. Eco-friendly burlap was used to elegantly wrap this gift. Our trademark ribbon design is included as an added touch of class to the bouquet.

  1. Calming chick Rose Bouquet

Your wife, mother, special someone, or anyone else you’d want to tell “THEY ARE PERFECT” is the perfect recipient for this traditional arrangement. Traditional burlap was used to create this piece, which perfectly fit your stated goals. Our Florist uses (6) six stems of red roses and misty blue flowers as fillers to hand-arrange the items. Our trademark ribbon design is included as an added touch of class to the bouquet.

  1. The Awe-Inspiring Rose Bouquet

An ideal gift for the love of your life, this Mixed Flowers Love box represents a fresh start in your relationship. Our Florist uses mixed flowers with misty blue fillers to hand-arrange the bouquets. Parcels are 11.43 cm by 11.43 cm.

Sending flowers to the Philippines doesn’t have to break the bank. For This year’s valentine’s day, our skilled florist creates a selection of custom-made bouquets and gift boxes just for you. All orders exceeding PHP 1000 in Metro Manila, Cavite, Antipolo, Rizal, and Pampanga are eligible for free delivery. With our customizable options, you can put their favorite color in their present.

Why do you Need Flower, Because?

The Best Gift for Any Occasion Is a Flower Delivery!

Flowers have long been regarded as one of the most adaptable forms of gift-giving. The Philippines is no exception to the worldwide trend of giving fresh flower bouquets as a gift. On this Valentine’s Day, Floral deliveries may now be ordered online in a few easy clicks. We’re no longer need to wait in line at our neighborhood florist for our bouquets to be custom-made. Honestly, it’s just too time-consuming for us to do. Sending someone you care about a beautiful arrangement of flowers is a kind and thoughtful gesture. Choosing philflora is the greatest way to have beautiful flower arrangements delivered right to your house.

To send flowers to the Philippines quickly and easily, you’re in luck! In other words, you’ll be an experienced gift giver in no time with our platform, which will take care of all your flower delivery issues.

Elegant Bouquets and the Best Flower Delivery in Town

philflora is your one-stop-shop for flowers and cakes in the Philippines, allowing you to purchase from the best local florists. You’ll have first dibs on the hottest new floral designs thanks to our ever-expanding roster of young and enthusiastic florists. To provide the best possible service to our consumers, we work closely with our delivery partners.

We provide a variety of alternative extras to enhance your flower hand bouquet ensembles as a bonus. You may choose from a variety of adorable gifts, including balloons, chocolates, cakes, and plushies! It pays to go all out when it comes to making a particular delivery of flowers for a special occasion like this valentine’s day. You know you’ve received the proper present when the recipient’s face lights up.

In the Philippines, trust is a major aspect when it comes to internet delivery. Flowers ordered via Philflora are accompanied by a customer evaluation. We hope that the kind words of our previous customers will inspire you to trust us with your special delivery. As though you were purchasing the flower arrangement in person, but without the time-consuming process.

Free Same-Day Delivery of Flowers to the Philippines

Delivery of flowers is made easy with free same-day delivery from .Since philflora opened its doors, we’ve been working tirelessly to increase our delivery region. We are pleased to announce that philflora now distributes across the whole Philippines after years of strategic expansion. One of our most important priorities has always been and will continue to be providing you with stunning flower arrangements. If you’re looking for local florists, try using our city pages as a starting point for your search. Search for Flower, Gifts, and Cakes Delivery in Manila, Makati, Quezon City, Paranque, and Las Pinas, for example, to locate a nearby delivery service.

When it comes to delivering our goods, we understand the value of being on time since we are in the business of bringing joy to others via the gift of beautiful flowers. Our free same-day delivery choices reflect this. You may get your flowers delivered the same day if you shop online before 2 p.m. local time on Philflora. Floral presents don’t have to be reserved for a specific occasion. Flowers are a wonderful way to express your feelings of love and affection to those you care about. When it comes to important events, such as birthdays or anniversaries, don’t hesitate to purchase an original flower arrangement from Philflora!

Flowers Delivered with Minimal Hassle

With Philflora, you can buy from all the best local florists in the Philippines. All of our flower bouquets are constantly updated to reflect the newest in floral design trends. Because of our tight collaboration with our vendors, we can guarantee that every bouquet we send out for delivery follows a set of standards that offer the greatest possible experience for our consumers.

When it comes to internet delivery in the Philippines, one of the most important factors is trust. Every Philflora bouquet is accompanied by a review from a client who bought it. We hope that the kind words of our previous clients will inspire you to trust us with your special delivery. It’s almost as if you’re going into a brick-and-mortar store and picking out a flower arrangement, but without the fuss.

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