Pacify Your Palate Down Maginhawa’s Food Crawl


If you are a certified foodie, then a Food Crawl will get you up on your feet and gets you excited. Food Crawl, is a food-hopping activity that will really get your stomach full, not with booze unlike in barhopping, but with tasty treats from different food establishments all in just one day. The catch is, the number of restaurants you get to visit is dependent on your system’s ability to eat, rest for 30 minutes, then eat again.

Foodpanda Maginhawa Foodcrawl

FoodPanda Philippines, the leading online food delivery marketplace in the world, just organized a Food Crawl activity down the Maginhawa St. in Dliliman, Quezon City last November 29. And there are six restaurants who participated.

Here are some of the restaurants that you may visit when you are around the Diliman area.

Katz Diner

Location: No. 48 Malingap St., Sikatuna Village, Diliman Quezon City

Foodpanda Maginhawa Foodcrawl Katz Diner

If you are in for a sumptuous breakfast and feeling theatrical at the same time, then write down Katz Diner on your list.

They serve dishes that will treat you like it’s a feast. They serve grilled BBQ ribs, made-to-order sandwiches, pastas and fresh salads.

They offered Grilled Pork Steak, All-Day-Breakfast Longganisa, Roast Pork Belly and Lava Cake. It really tempts you to carelessly dive in and savagely take it all.

They also offered a taste of Katz Diner’s Milk Teas (Wintermelon, Tofee Caramel, Decadent Choco, Vanilla, Taro), Tea-based drinks (Rose Petal, Citrus, Berry) and Yakult drinks (Grape Fruit, Strawberry, Rose Petal and Green Tea).

If you want something to try for yourself, they, too, have Hickory BBQ Ribs, Bacon Chicken Steak and Pesto with Grilled Chicken.

The food is definitely satisfying but we have a couple of restaurants more.

The theatrical ambience, in all the posters inside and the background music, is just a bonus treat from the owners who are big theater fans.

Casa Quesadilla

Location: 176 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

Foodpanda Maginhawa Foodcrawl Casa Quesdilla

If you want some Mexican experience just around the corner, then go to Casa Quesadilla. This food establishment can cater to almost 10-12 customers top.

As authentic as the design of the place are their food list. Casa Quesadilla’s served their authentic versions of the Mexican and fusion flavored Quesadilla like the Spinach Chicken Quesa, Beef Yakiniku Quesa and Mexican Beef Quesa. They also served delicious Nachos and Burritos, and of course Dynamite Beef Rolls.

Travel to Mexico with their cuisine without booking a flight. Discover Mexico in your palett here at Casa Quesadilla.


Location: 51C Magiting Street, UP Village, Diliman, Quezon City

Foodpanda Maginhawa Foodcrawl Homies

If you want the “lunch” kind of place, which has that home-y feeling, then Homies is the place to be.

They serve their customers with their signature dish Homies Fried Chicken in quarters, whole or half with UNLI RICE options.  They also have Lumpiang Ubod, Chili Con Carne, Pork Menudo, Chilli Hotdog with Fries, and Meatballs Spaghetti.

To add up to the cool place, they have rubber chickens placed on every tables that you can press as a signal for the food servers that you need something from them.

How is that for a fun food trip?

Big B Burgers

Location: 44-B Magiting Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City

Foodpanda Maginhawa Foodcrawl Big B Burgers

If you want something for you and your burger buddies, then the burger joint called BIG B is something you can consider, and it’s just e few blocks from Homies.

They have 50/50 burgers like the Big B Burger (50% beef/50% bacon), Bongga Burger (50%beef/50% Longganisa) and Bam Burger (50% beef/50% spam). Add some sides like their own of version of the famous Poutine which they called Poutine ng Ina (Fries, Gravy and Mozarella) or BallsBalls (Big B balls, Tater Tots and Cheese). You can try their Pink Potion with feelings which is so tasty and entertaining, cream sodas and shakes!

Cocina Juan

Location: 100 Maginhawa, Teachers Village, Quezon City

Foodpanda Maginhawa Foodcrawl Cocina Juan

Cocina Juan cuisines was Spanish and Mexican their servings was really for group meals. The place was quite small and can seat probably less than 20 people inside and they some tables outside. They also share the place with Cupcake by Gremlins.

Their servers was very polite and accommodating and they really know their products well.

Dinamita (Deep Fried Anaheim Chilies stuffed in Cheese) its good for starter but its really HOT. For me it was one of the hottest food that i ever tasted this year.

Nachos Supremo Todo (Nachos with everything on it) its like a typical Nachos with a little twist that surely you will get a piece of nachos after you finish one.

Churrasco Fiesta (Platter) is superb dish. This is was my favorite of all of the dishes that we tried that day. In fact i when back last Sunday (December 7, 2014) with my friends just to try it again and they like it.

Other dishes that they serve to us was Quesadilla carne, Chicken Burritos Grande and Meat burrito.


Location: 103 Maginhawa Street, UP Teachers Village, Diliman, Quezon City


This is my second time to visit their branch in Maginhawa and when we get there we asked to try one of their Christmas offering which is  Wintermelon Milk Tea or Maple Milk Tea.  Oh boy! Maple Milk Tea its one of the best milk tea i ever tasted. The maple syrup and the milk masked very well the taste of the tea.

The restos mentioned above are available for delivery via the Food Panda online food delivery marketplace!  You can download the App now and get your food quick and easy. Enjoy! And Indulge!

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