PAC 801 hybrid rice: PH farmers’ weapon against climate unpredictability

It’s happening all over the planet. Climate change and global warming are triggering extreme weather patterns such as super typhoons and devastating draughts. In a tropical country like the Philippines, such anomalous weather conditions are detrimental to rice production and other agricultural endeavors.

PAC 801 hybrid rice PH farmers' weapon against climate unpredictability

Filipino farmers, in fact, are still recovering from their recent bout with El Niño, which caused drought and land degradation that significantly reduced the country’s rice production.

Although the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) has reported that weather conditions would normalize in July, we must continue to prepare for more aberrant weather looming ahead.

Because rice, a water-loving plant, is severely affected by draught, there is a need for a hybrid rice seed that thrives during the dry season but likewise grows during the typhoon-afflicted months. Acknowledging this need, Taipan Brand Farm, Inc. (TBFI) recently launched PAC 801 (NSIC MESTIZO 60), a hybrid rice seed from Advanta Seed International (ASI), in several provinces across the country. This is part of TBFI and ASI’s commitment to providing high quality agricultural seeds to the Philippines.

From May until June, this hybrid rice seed was introduced to farmers in Luzon—Occidental Mindoro, Bicol, Nueva Viscaya, Isabela, Pangasinan, Bulacan and Nueva Ecija; in the Visayas—Leyte and Iloilo; and in Mindanao—Lanao del Norte, Agusan del Sur and North Cotabato.

During the launch, TBFI presented to farmers the advantages of choosing PAC 801 Hybrid Rice over other rice seed types as summarized in three important points: adaptability, harvest, and quality.

“The PAC 801 Hybrid Rice is adaptable to wet and dry seasons, enabling it to withstand unpredictable weather conditions.” said Tim Bontoyan, General Manager of TBFI.

With a potential yield of 220 cavans per hectare, regardless of the prevailing weather, PAC 801 is a productive choice for farmers all over the country.

In terms of quality, this hybrid rice seed produces 7.33-millimeter-long, slender grains. Long grain rice seeds are known to contain less starch, so the cooked grains appear light and fluffy.

Proper handling of the high-grade PAC 801 Hybrid Rice was also shared with the farmers during the launch. Pointers on seed and seedbed care, transplanting and seedling care, water and pest management, fertilization, and harvesting were discussed in order to ensure a PAC 801 harvest of the best possible quality.

Taipan Brand Farm, Inc. represents a high quality selection of brands in crop protection and agricultural seeds.

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