An “Oreo” Remark From A Girl Pushed This Guy to Respond in a Creatively Powerful Way

After one girl called and likened him to an oreo, this certain black guy responded in way that deserves your respect and applause.

A video posted by Button Poetry, is a this guys spoken poetry about racism and acceptance most of black guys understand.

He said in his spoken poetry, “The first time someone called me an oreo, nothing about this akin felt sweet.” This statement is already a punch that clearly states racism at its subtlety.

We know from ages past how the black race were being treated, or mistreated I should say, by the white race. And up until now, the issue stands still for some part of the world.

This guy’s creative way of coming back at the issue is amazingly powerful, leaving its own mark in your awareness.

The guy also said that “Acceptance means more than looking for a mirror inside somebody else. What makes you think the best that we can be is be a reflection of you?”.

This may touch the issue of black people being just the second best, as to perception and conviction of a few white men. But really, black men are now dominating almost in every field we know.

I mean, what is Michael Jordan and LeBron James, among others, to the basketball league? And how about Tiger Woods? Can we not also talk about Jay Z and Beyonce, and Rihanna, among other music celebrities that are up there where white men contend to?

Really now, would you dare call them oreos?

Watch the full video below.

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