Online career advice comes free with in PH

Career Advice by Kalibrr recently joined the roster of 25 informative and useful websites providing latest local, entertainment, and sports news, in the platform.

The list—which includes, GMA News Online,,, ESPN, as well as BabyCenter & MAMA,, and Wikipedia—is slowly being populated thanks to the extensive push of mobile carriers Globe Telecom and Touch Mobile.

Kalibrr ( is an online job-matching, hiring, and recruitment platform born in 2012, having a concept supported by Globe Telecom’s wholly-owned venture capital firm Kickstart Ventures, Inc. Career Advice is a section of the platform that provides workplace and job-hunting hacks.

Aiming to increase Internet efficiency and provide affordable access, Facebook, in partnership with Qualcomm, Samsung, and Ericsson, launched in 2013. CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild is a groundbreaking platform that provides basic Internet services to people in developing countries.

In select territories like India, Ghana, Colombia, Kenya, Tanzania, Indonesia and Zambia, also enables the free use of the AccuWeather and Google Search apps. What remains for Facebook is the challenge to scale given infrastructure constraints and they have gone as far as testing the capability of drones to carry wireless signals.

“Filipinos have, no doubt, become the most active and vocal netizens when it comes to sharing portions of their lives and most, if not all, thoughts online. We’ve been recognized as the “Social Networking Capital of the World” and yet as of January 2015, the Internet penetration rate is only at 44% versus up to 80% in more developed countries,” says Paul Rivera, CEO of Kalibrr.

Internet growth and mobile subscriptions went up by 18% and 7% respectively since January 2015. Still, land-based and mobile connections are mostly from urban subscribers, and rural users are yet to get wired.

“Facebook and Globe both made commitments to bolster Internet penetration. Kalibrr wants to participate in the revolution by providing free content,” concluded Rivera.

With the having opened up to more mobile operators to over 17 countries, over 1 billion people so far are benefitting from the wealth of information available on the Internet and are more connected than ever.

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