Nokia’s Vision to Introduce The 5G Experience in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of Southeast Asia’s pioneers of 5G technology, so, Nokia offered critical insights on how 5G would be a key enabler of the Philippines’ digital transformation objectives. These are specifically significant to how succeeding connectivity applications may transform the country’s industries, businesses, and society to prepare the country for the industry’s next stage.

Nokia’s recently assigned Head of the Philippines, Carlos Reyes, discovers how 5G will enhance the nation’s digital efforts in transforming and helping to achieve a sustainable growth during Industry 4.0.

As stated by Carlos Reyes, the Head of the Philippines at Nokia “5G will bring a quantum leap in low latency and ultra-reliability connectivity that was impossible with previous technologies. Such is the promise of its transformation that, even with the socio-economic challenges caused by the ongoing COVID-19 situation, 5G adoption across Southeast Asia continues to gain momentum. This is evidenced by the Philippines as one of Southeast Asia’s first countries to roll-out 5G – meaning that the nation’s industries, enterprises, and people are especially poised to tap into the growth and innovation prospects that the next generation of connectivity holds,”

According to the 5G Readiness Report 1 by Nokia’s award-winning research arm, Nokia Bell Labs, companies at an advanced level of 5G adoption are rising faster than their competitors having observed a gain of +10% in productivity throughout the COVID-19 pandemic 2.

Nokia stated that 5G will be especially revolutionary for the Philippines’ asset-heavy industries, particularly those who were unable to participate in the first “digital revolution” but are now being faced with preparing for Industry 4.0 by digitalization processes and driving automation. Nokia said certain sectors would need to allow connections between sensors, machines, and employees to reach new, unparalleled levels of digital transformation, all of which necessitate mission-critical, wireless networking solutions.

Reyes included, “5G is set to be a game-changer for the Philippines’s industries and enterprises. It represents a significant evolution over current LTE solutions, as this next generation in connectivity will empower organizations to achieve the new levels of reliability, security, multi-user capacity performance, and mobility needed for them to make the best utility out of Industry 4.0 technologies and applications. 5G also builds on LTE vertical differentiating capabilities with crucial enhancements specifically relevant for the industry – to enable it to unlock unprecedented productivity gains and connect all elements of industries and enterprises,”

Currently, Nokia is a global frontrunner in the field of 5G. It has 165 commercial 5G deals and running 66 live 5G operator networks. With these, Nokia contributes 20 commercial 5G deals across the Asia Pacific and Japan region to where it focuses on bringing in the 5G experience, while merging its network and security expertise to produce security solutions for 5G networks. Nokia has already started 5G deals with local telecommunications like, Globe Telecom 3 and DITO Telecommunications 4 in the Philippines to increase the operation of 5G services.

Nokia has been supporting in the development of a nationally digital ecosystem that is prepared to maximize the benefits of 5G and possible technologies, or by partnering with internet service provider, Converge ICT 5, to provide ultra-broadband solutions to Philippine households and companies. Nokia is already working with PLDT and its partner Smart Communications to introduce enterprise-specific internet of things (IoT) solutions throughout the country 6 as well as implement complete service coordination and assurance solutions across PLDT and Smart Communications’ countrywide network.

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