New Passion for People Video Focuses on Parent-Child Relationship in The Age of BPO

One year after the release of its first Passion for People video which quickly became viral, VXI Philippines (VXI PH) remains committed to delivering its promise of providing diverse opportunities for qualified individuals keen on becoming part of this award-winning and ever-growing company.

Passion for People is the employee value proposition and the official slogan of VXI PH, which has been consistent in showing its employees that their welfare and well-being matters first, and it does not stop there.

VXI PH is hoping that the excellent workplace experience of employees translates into something positive that is experienced by the people they directly and constantly interact with: the Family.

As a corporate entity and a major stakeholder in the BPO industry, VXI PH‘s notable contribution is its trailblazing effort to put emphasis on the reality that many of today’s families are supported by kin who works at a call center.

The first Passion for People video is the result of VXI PH’s effort to spread positive perception regarding the BPO industry. VXI PH hopes that the second video has the same effect – entertain the audience as well as inform and educate, particularly about the challenges parents face when balancing work and family time and the rewards they reap for giving their best to make the most out of a difficult situation.

This is Passion for People crystallized – the company’s passion for its people’s well-being, and this people’s passion for a holistic, work-life balance.

Through the new Passion for People video, VXI PH hopes to inspire viewers into believing that a happy family time is not impossible.

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