Neverland Manila And Zedd: The Magic Of True Colors

“Manila, are you guys ready?” were his first words that night. Within the sea of lights and the mesmerizing tracks, the Dreamchasers—in chorus—cheered and let out a delighted scream.

Neverland Manila And Zedd The Magic Of True Colors

This was how all the magic started last August 8, 2015. Twelve thousand Dreamchasers flocked to the Mall Of Asia Arena to experience the magic of Neverland Manila Presents: Zedd True Colors. With nothing but hearts filled with happiness and optimism, Dreamchasers were in for an unforgettable, world-class experience that only Neverland Manila can deliver.

Who wouldn’t feel ecstatic anyway? It was the best of everything: a clever play of colorful lights, stage visuals, and boosted sounds—Neverland Manila and Zedd brought back the magic of Filipino unity and harmony through dance music. With Neverland Manila’s powerful production team and partners, two dance music proteges, and an EDM powerhouse on one massive stage, the dream of living in the moment of youth and happiness will finally come true for one night.

Taking the lead is local talent Callum David, warming up the crowd with his mix of deep house and pop tracks. Luring the Dreamchasers in to stay for the night, the crowd danced and sang along with familiar beats. EDM protégé Haywyre then served a whole new music to the appreciative audience with his electronica and jazz tunes that kept the Dreamchasers on their feet. His impressive musicality that night made the Dreamchasers ask for more.

Then there was darkness. “We’ll run where lights won’t chase us, I will never let you go”—with the crowd singing along and the unwavering Dreamchaser’s spirits up, it was the perfect line to open the night. The opening salvo created a stronger clamor that echoed through the venue, with all the lights and fists held up. Then there was a huge flash of light, and Zedd stood in front with hands in the air. It was an overwhelming experience, with the people singing and jumping together to another familiar song and a sea of colorful lights and stage visuals.

Two hours of Zedd’s set and the light and energy of the Dreamchasers still soared high. It was a mix of the old and new, bold tracks that kept everyone on their feet. “I want you to know that it’s our time”—the spirit of True Colors was infectious. It was that night where everyone was all the same—no distinction, biases, and judgement—that everyone had a good time: from celebrities, partygoers, fans, and your average music lover.

What makes this different from other EDM concerts? It is something unexpectedly worth it—somehow Zedd was playing the songs that made you love dance music more: aside from the  magical feast of lights and sounds, Zedd connects people more than anything else. The feeling of excitement, seeing smiles all around, and all that singing along that bring that familiar overwhelming feeling that a music lover can only understand.

Twelve thousand Dreamchasers. Three remarkable acts. One night of magic and uninterrupted energy. There’s no place you’d rather be: the magic of Neverland Manila Presents Zedd True Colors is something that you would never want to leave.

Neverland Manila Presents: Zedd True Colors Tour is co-presented by Fox and StarWorld.

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