Nestle offers 50% off in 8.8 Shopee MEGA Flash Sale

To our mommies and dads out there, good news awaits, as our staple household brand Nestle is on a very big discount spree this upcoming 8.8 Shopee Mega Flash Sale! With so many choices from different Nestle brands, we are here to help you minimize your shopping carts.

Let’s start with the very essential Nestle product for our daily lives, coffee! Coffee lovers can’t go on throughout the day without a cup of strong and rich coffee. And who would not remember the smooth aroma clouding our houses every morning because our lolos and lolas starts their day with coffee and pandesal as their breakfast. So, Nestle would not want you to miss their newly crafted Nescafe Gold, that is a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans roasted to golden perfection to achieve a richer coffee experience to those with excellent taste.

Of course, not everyone can be in favor with coffee and Nestle have figured out the best chocolate powdered milk drink for the kids and parents alike. Our go to drink for breakfast since we are kids, Milo, remains permanent on our kitchen pantry because of its delicious and nutritious choco malt taste that every Filipinos love. Aren’t we all familiar that Milo helps us stay active through sports and shows us to always have a champion spirit?

Can we forget? The Nestle product we should not miss out on every grocery shopping especially every Christmas, Nestle All Purpose Cream, the number 1 cream brand in every Filipino household. As it gives every dish exceptional creaminess, richness, and thickness, at every bite, it could be incorporated not only on desserts but also on savory dishes, pastas, soups, and dips.

So, mommies and daddies what are you waiting for? Cap the 50% discount offer of all Nestle brands this 8.8 Shopee Mega Flash Sale in the convenience of your home.

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