MYX TV GM Miguel Santos Named Among StudioDaily 50 Honorees for Creativity and Innovation in Media and Entertainment

StudioDaily announced recently its 50 honorees on its second-annual list of the StudioDaily 50 — key creatives and technologists whose leadership and influence are breaking new ground in media and entertainment.

Miguel Santos, general manager for Myx TV, a channel owned and operated by ABS-CBN International, was included in the list, under the category of Independents.  The list includes honorees from the likes of Marvel Studios, Paramount Pictures and Encore.

“We’re proud to present the StudioDaily 50, once again identifying a broad range of hard-working professionals,” Bryant Frazer, editorial director and associate publisher of StudioDaily, was quoted from their announcement. “The list honors executives in corporations large and small, pioneering creative thinkers, technologists who make it possible to dream on a screen, and an array of specialists from all corners of the industry.”

Santos was described by StudioDaily as “a force against typecasting in the entertainment industry.” Also, under Santos, “Myx TV has joined campaigns encouraging political involvement and discouraging bullying in minority communities.  Santos continues to advocate for diversity in the industry as he spearheads an expansion of Myx’s web-focused digital content initiative.”

Below is the complete list of 2017 StudioDaily 50 honorees:

The Executives
Brian Cavallaro, MANDT VR
Terry Cullen, 1 Beyond
Shannon Gans, New Deal Studios
Jess Hartmann, ProMAX Systems
Neil Mandt, MANDT VR
Morris May, Specular Theory
Wes Phillips, Small HD
Sanjay Sharma, All Def Digital
Alexander Vero, Movidiam

The Independents
Joyce Cox, VFX Producer
Randall Dark, Randall Dark Productions
E.J. Hassenfratz, Eyedesyn
Art Haynie, Big Monkey Films
Andrew Kramer, Video Copilot
Maria Rapetskaya, Undefined Creative
Miguel Santos, Myx TV
Chris Sobchack, Wraptastic Productions
Josh Wakely, GRACE: A Storytelling Company

The Specialists
Jillian Arnold, Video Engineer
Peter Bailey, Sideshow Studios
Leslie Bloome, Alchemy Post Sound
Tony D’Amore, Encore
David Durlach, TechnoFrolics
Laura Jans Fazio, Encore
Karin Fong, Imaginary Forces
Robyn Haddow, Motion Graphics Artist and Designer
Andrew Heimbold, Reality Check Systems
Steven Heimbold, Reality Check Systems
Petra Holtorf-Stratton, Producer/VFX Producer
Glenn Melenhorst, Iloura
Sean Mullen, Rampant Design Tools
Stefanie Mullen, Rampant Design Tools
Rodolphe Pierre-Louis, ActionVFX
Paige Raynes, Immersion
Evan Williams, Riverview Systems Group

The Technologists
Jon 9, Holonyne Corporation
Sergio Ammirata, DVEO
Pankaj Bajpai, Deluxe TV
Chris Bobotis, Mettle
Annie Chang, Marvel Studios
Chris Conti, Production Resource Group
Erik Elvgren, University of Virginia
Marcos Fajardo, Autodesk
Will Harris, Autodesk
Andrea Kalas, Paramount Pictures
Jesse Korosi, Bling Digital
Scott Squires, Pixvana
Chris Vienneau, Autodesk
Mike Wagner, ARRI
Tom Wolzien, The Video Call Center

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