Miriam College ensures continued education during pandemic via part-time enrollment, flexible tuition

Miriam College now offers a part-time enrollment scheme at the tertiary level to let students with financial challenges enjoy flexible tuition payment by enrolling in less subjects per semester.

Under the new scheme, a student may opt to enroll for a full semester of 6 to 8 subjects or avail of the new relaxed scheme that offers 3-4 subjects on a 9-week cycle. Students may also enrol in less subjects than the regularly required number of units so they and their families can further lessen tuition expenses during the pandemic.

A brainchild of Miriam College president, Ambassador Laura Quiambao-del Rosario, the new scheme aims to assist families whose incomes were severely affected by the pandemic, and students who may have taken on part-time jobs to help their families at this time, so they can manage their schedules and resources better.

“Under this scheme, students are ensured of continuing their education despite the economic disruptions caused by the pandemic”, Amb. Quiambao-del Rosario said. Miriam College has also not increased its tuition for School Year 2020-2021 and has reduced miscellaneous fees.

Adjusted years of residency

Dr. Jasmin-Nario Galace, MC Vice President for Academic Affairs explained that a student may enroll as many as four times in a school year under the new scheme but may have to graduate at a later date. “We have adjusted our maximum residence policy for this purpose,” she said. “Knowing the consequences of the pandemic, we thought that limiting the number of subjects in what we call a cycle will be best for the students’ physical, mental and emotional health.” she added. To date, parttime enrollees make up around 35% of the total enrollees.

Enrollment for the second cycle of the part-time enrollment scheme is ongoing. Parties interested in the new scheme or who may want to inquire regarding enrollment for the next semester that begins in January 2021 may do so at the Miriam College Registrar’s Office.

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