Miley Cyrus is “So Undercover” on Tag TV This May

Singer, songwriter, and teen idol Miley Cyrus breaks out on Tag TV, the cable channel that brings favorite Hollywood blockbuster movies dubbed in Filipino, in the humorous flick “So Undercover” featured this month.

The film stars Miley as “Molly Morris,” a tomboyish, street-smart private investigator turned sparkly sorority member “Brooke Stonebridge.” Witness her adventure as she takes on an FBI challenge of watching over a senator’s daughter in college, blending in with her sorority sisters and discovering secrets along the way.

Uncover secrets with Miley this Saturday, May 20 at 8PM with replays on May 21 at 10AM, May 25 at 6PM, and May 31 at 8AM. Tag TV is a 24/7 cable channel featuring Filipino-dubbed Asian and Hollywood films, and is owned and operated by Creative Programs, Inc., the company behind cable channels Cinema One, Jeepney TV, Lifestyle, Hero TV and MYX.

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